Which one is better?

I am going to attempt knitting the feather and fan scarf using KP Shadow (lace weight). I was wondering what brand of circular needle would be pointier? Addi’s or the KP Circulars?



The KP options are pointier.


I was already to attempt the scarf until I got those size 3 needles. They are WAY to small for me. Just remember to order the 24" legnth. I just saw size 3 and ordered the 16". Gee whiz, trying to keep all of those stitches on a needle too short is no fun!

I know others enjoy it, but it felt like I was knitting with toothpicks! I decided to use size 7 and reduce the number of repeats across. It’s a much more airy scarf, but it doesn’t get that cold around here–Scarves are generally for accessorizing only.

And to answer your orginial question. KP are definitely more pointy.