Which needles do you prefer?

I’ve thought about trying Rosewood, but I never have. Have you tried them, and do you like them?

I generally prefer metal or bamboo, depending on what type of yarn I’m working with. I like metal for fuzzier yarns, and bamboo for slippery yarns. I’ve tried plastic needles, but didn’t care for them much, but it might have been the brand.

Bamboo, plastic, metal…etc?


I used to prefer the susan bates…

But now as I’m getting more comfortable in my knitting and not stressing over the “advanced” level of difficulty in patterns, I’m finding that I’m really enjoying the bamboo ones…

to the point I gave away all of my straight metal ones (kept my dpns and circs…)

I like them all, though I generally prefer metal Boyes overall, and have a few bamboo needles I like. All circulars, can’t stand knitting with straight ones.

I like the metal ones. The addi turbos are the best though :smiley: I had one pair of bamboo’s a while back…yeah I broke em. I was knitting thick and quick on them and they are size 4. I was having a really hard time with it (hey man mittens in alaska need to be thick)

I have some plastic ones but they’re okay. Out of all the metal one’s I’m with lilhuskies, susan bates are my favs

Love my bamboo needles - dpn, circular and short straights. Like my options and harmony.


I mostly use bamboo… dpn’s, circular, and straight. Occasionally, I’ll use my Susan Bates, but I am slowly replacing those with bamboo.

I got a set of Rosewood DPN’s size 0 for Christmas and can’t wait to use them.

I like my birch Harmony’s and my nickle plated Options and have pretty much quit using all my Boyes and Bates needles and have started giving some of them away to people I teach to knit.

I like my Addi’s and my Options. I do have a few Brittany’s, they are nice, but I much prefer working on circular needles rather than straights.

Bamboo DPNs and Knitpicks Options which are nickle plated steel.

I find I get the most consistent results with metal. I use KP Options and Addi Turbos.

Quick question…What does DPN stand for?


DPN stands for double point needles

DPN= [B]D[/B]ouble [B]P[/B]ointed [B]N[/B]eedle(s)

I knit tightly so my favorites are the nickel plated ones from knit picks (I use circs for almost everything). I have some Harmonies too, and I like them, but I prefer the nickel plated.

I want rosewod, too, because they are so beautiful. I use nickel needles most. They’re just so easy.

I have glass needles, bamboo, acrylic, metal, and I thought Susan Bates Silvalume were the best thing since sliced bread. Until I bought my first pair of Addi’s the other day. Those are now my favorite. I love them!

I love my addi turbo’s, but did get a pair of rosewoods a couple years ago for Christmas, and gotta say they are sure nice. The only downside to the set that I got was that the ‘end’ is only slightly flared, so the stitches can fall off the back if I’m not watching. But they are a nice knitting surface. Otherwise, it depends on yarn I am using as to what needle I like; I least like plastic, and my addi turbo’s seem to be good for anything and everything except super slick yarns (and well they should be for the price!) I did have one set of addi circs that the end came off of, and the store replaced them for free.

It all depends on what I’m knitting…

For straight back-and-forth knitting, I prefer bamboo, as the stitches stay on the needle and don’t go flying off at the slightest provocation, yet the surface is smooth enough so that the stitches glide across nicely.

For circular, in-the-round knitting (by far my favorite way to knit), I love Addi Turbos.

The only type of needles I absolutely detest are plastic.

I’ve worked with bamboo, plastic, birch, nickel, and various other metals. I have to say the birch (Harmony) are my favorite. I can work any material on them without sticking. Although, I have to admit that I can’t use any metal-based needles anymore because of a sensitivity. I am sometimes a bit envious of the sharp tips on some of the metal needles, even though my Harmony needles have great tips.