Which method to use? English or Continental for newbie?

Hello everyone,

Since I am a newbie, should I learn the English or the Continental method to begin with? I would like to learn one really well and start off on the right foot along with what is easiest for a beginner. Thank you again. I am so excited to get started but am nervous about starting off wrong.

There is no right or wrong. I learned English when I was a child, and I still think children can learn it better. However, adults can understand the process better so either will work. Some say Continental is faster, but since I’ve knit English so long, any other way doesn’t feel like ‘knitting’ to me.

Try both and see which feels more comfortable to you. Crocheters often like continental because the yarn is held in the left hand for both.

Different people find the different methods easier. My great aunt uses the English method, and that’s what I learned. I’ve tried learning Continental, but I find it’s a bit harder on my wrists. I know I’ve heard stories of people who were struggling with knitting English style and then ‘clicked’ when they tried Conti, and vice versa. I suggest you try your hand at both, and stick with the one that you find most comfortable.

I started with continental and felt like I was all thumbs so I tried english and it just clicked. Do what works for you.

:smiley: I do both, I learned to knit from a book, I didn’t know Amy’s wonderful videos were around; so, I taught myself the English method, then last year I switched to Continental, which is the method that I most enjoy :smiley: :thinking: I’m thinking I’m going to give Annie Modesitt’s favorite combined method a go in the future :wink:

If you are an experienced crocheter you MAY find continental easier, I sure did and was all thumbs with throwing method.

You’ll find what feels best for you!


I learned Continental pretty easily. I crocheted in the past, but only a few times and it had always felt so awkward to me! When I tried watching the English videos on this site they completely confused me, but watching the continental vids I could follow it completely!

I knit the continental way. I was taught to crochet as a child so maybe thats why I find it easier and much quicker. Just learning ANY way to knit :XX: :XX: will be great!!

Wow, Thanks everyone. I am so glad to hear all of your replies. I will try both and then go with whichever feels natural. I sometimes get hung up on the right and the wrong instead of just going for it.

I am signed up for a class at our local craft store next month but am so excited that I wanted to just play around a bit now and didn’t know what to do.

I can’t wait to give it a GO!

Thanks again! :thumbsup:

I originally learned English but then switched myself to Continental.

Whenever I teach friends of mine to knit, I teach them continental. The knit stitch is pretty easy to learn, the purl takes a bit longer. But I think continental is a MUCH quicker way to knit than English (a lot less wasted movement)

Have fun! I learned how to crochet a few years before I learned to knit. Its great to be able to have both skills under your belt.