Which method do you prefer

I just got my schacht hi-lo spindle the other day and the lady at the lys told me to start using it as a bottom whorl, but I think it’d be easier to keep the spin going by using it as a top whorl (I practiced lots with a leader-alone) and was just curious which one y’all prefered and why. Thanks.

Well, I started with a bottom whorl, and it was ok…but then I decided, hey why not try the top whorl, and it was FAR easier for me. With the bottom, I had to constantly keep twirling it with my fingers. When you use a top whorl, you can do the thigh roll to get it going, and it spins much faster and longer than finger twisting alone. I can get my yarn much thinner when I use top whorl. There’s also a lot more instruction for spinning with a top whorl.

Hope that helps!

I’ve never used a bottom whorl, but I cannot imagine things to be much easier than the top whorl I do use.

I prefer using high whorl spindles for a bunch of reasons:

It’s what I learned on and what I’m used to
I prefer thigh rolling my spindles and find that it’s easier to do on a high whorl
Many low whorl spindles for some reason don’t have a hook and having to do the whole half hitch thing annoys me
Having to wrap the yarn around the shaft on hooked low whorls also annoys me

It’s a personal preference, though it does seem that most people today use high whorl spindles.
I personally think that a high whorl spindle would be easier to learn on because you can park and draft on it easier: just catch the shaft in your legs to keep it from spinning the other way, draft some, spin the spindle, repeat.
Everyone’s different though, so give both a try

thanks everyone, I’ve tried the bottom first and still think it’d be easier with the top. I played for a long time with a leader yarn; maybe tomorrow I’ll play with it as a top whorl. I’ll post pics of my first spin later.

I voted for high-whorl as that’s what I use most. Having the yarn wound on below the whorl seems to give me better control and a neater looking spindle.

My two bottom whorl spindles are great when I’m spinning up a lot of something though. They are my heavier ones and can hold more.

here’s the pics of my first spinning! This is addicting.

Beautiful yarn! What kind of fiber is that?

Thank you. It says teesdale on my reciept, but I don’t even know what that is, anyone?

Googling it says it’s a type of sheep (Teeswater) indigenous to Teesdale, which is in England. It says they have good locks for spinning.

Teeswater Sheep


Hey, that looks like the spindle I bought yesterday! :slight_smile: But your yarn looks much better than mine. But I’m pretty much hooked. Love it!