Which makes a smaller "hole?"

When doing a raglan sweater, which makes a smaller (less noticiable) hole; kfb or M1 by looping yarn on right needle, or picking up the yarn between the stitches?

Hope my question is understandable. I want to make a raglan sweater but I don’t really like th shoulder holes.:wink:

Absolutely the M1F. Just be sure to cross the yarn you’ve picked up, before knitting it. Otherwise it [I]will[/I] give you a hole. The video here shows you how.

Picking up the yarn between sts as long as you knit it through the back loop. Though kfb shouldn’t be making a hole.

Thank you both for your comments…I will use your suggestions!
I know there isn’t really a “hole,” :aww: but the space between the raglan shaping is what I am referring to.

KFB makes no hole.

Actually it does if your gauge isn’t a tight one on a project. Try making increases with KFB, M1F (or M1B) and a pulled/lifted increase and see the difference. The KFB creates a bar with nothing underneath it, whereas the M1F, if crossed properly, fills in the space much more.

I have never really figured out why the KFB is used except when increasing from a knit stitch followed by a purl-- then it fits in with the pattern. But other than that, the M1F is so much more discreet and hidden.

An increase will also make a hole if your gauge is too tight. M1s especially will leave holes if you’re a tight knitter.

The thing is, everyone knits so differently that what one person uses all the time works well for them, but not for someone else. Which is why people use the different increases. I find the KRL/KLL is the most invisible for me.

So rosefields, do a sample with the different increases in it and see what works best for you.

I agree and use these a lot. :thumbsup:

Hmmmm…never even thought of those! Thanks!!