Which laptop

DH and I decided to give DD my laptop, and then I can get a new one. :woot: My problem is that I don’t know which one to get. I need something that will do school/light business stuff. Isn’t ungodly expensive. I just want to get the most bang for my buck. I’ve hated my current laptop from the start. LOL It’s just slow and, well, cheap.
Sooooo, what’s a good one to get. Like I said, I need it for school/work and DH is deployed, so something that will allow for webchat would be nice (though I have a webcam, so an attached one isn’t a must).
Thanks in advance. I know my fellow knitters won’t do me wrong! :muah:

I always find http://reviews.cnet.com/laptop-buying-guide/?tag=dir to be helpful as there are professional and home user reviews and they divide it into sections depending what you want it for and price

I just bought a Macbook pro. It’s on the pricier side, but I’m very happy with it. You probably want her to have it for quite some time, given that you’re spending $$ on it.

Dell is always a good name, as is Toshiba. My children have HP laptops, and I haven’t had any problems.

The most important thing, IMHO, is RAM. Get it with as much RAM as possible on the front-end. Windows Vista takes a lot of memory to run, and laptops usually share their RAM with the video card. So, you may pay for 1gb, but the computer is really only running at 760mb.

I will say that Apple gives you student discounts on their products, so do look into it.

My Dad bought me my first Macintosh almost 30 years ago – that first one lasted NINE years (what computer lasts THAT long these days?). I then went through some smaller Macs before getting a Mac Cube which also lasted nine years.

Two years ago, I got a MacBookPro and love it. My BF, on the otherhand, has had to buy a new PC every year for the past three years.

I’m a Mac girl and while most jobs I have had require PC knowledge, I will always own a Mac!

We always had macs too until about 7 years ago, the software all had to be ordered from England as no local shops stocked it and the Mac version was always more expensive - maybe the popularity of iMacs brought the price down though… They’re really easy to fix if they develop a problem though…

I have a 17" Compaq (a.k.a HP) Notebook running Windows XP. It’s been a very reliable creature, albeit, a little bit too bulky to be considered an easily toted notebook (10 pounds or so lasts about 1.5 hours on the battery). This fall, I purchased a new MacBook (not the pro). It’s a featherweight by comparison and I have to say this is my favorite computer of all time and typically goes everywhere with me (~5lbs and 4 - 6 hours on the battery). I’ve never been a Mac advocate before this, but I very impressed with both the hardware and the OS X operating system. I think any future computers I purchase will be Macs. A nice plus side to the new Macs is they can also run Windows. I have my set up with Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Ubuntu. It allows me to easily test how KH looks and works with other browsers and operating systems.

i LOVE my dell, i have had so many parts fixed on it in the last year and half i basically have a new laptop(lugging it around to all my classes as a full time student-it has a rough life :P) The customer service is GREAT. just yesterday i did an iTunes update and it somehow deleted my sound capabilities so i hopped on to the dell site, started a chat with a technician, they sent me the plug-in i was missing, i downloaded it and voila, i was set. No foreigner on the phone to deal with, gotta love the internet. My laptop has served me well, the one thing is batteries :frowning: I dont know any student that hasnt had to replace theirs at 1 year and a month or so (they are warrantied for a year usually) and this is both mac and pcs, so either way be prepared.
my bf has a mac, and his complaint is customer service, he has been treated very rudely by service reps. my complaint about my pc, its a smidge on the heavy side, but if i didnt carry it in my bag everywhere every day im sure i wouldnt mind it so much

I have to agree–Macs are amazing. I’ve had my iBook for three years now and the battery is still going strong.

I wouldn’t suggest the new macbook air, however, because it doesn’t have a cd rom, which is kinda a pain in the butt. I would suggest getting a refurbished macbook pro

Same here. That’s my only issue with Mac design: They often choose form over function. The Air is super thin and looks superb, but it comes at the cost of having an under-powered, limited use laptop. I suppose for the right person it’s perfect.

Thanks everybody. I ended up going with a Toshiba Satellite. It’s kinda big, but so far I like it. I think I might go Mac in the future, though. I’ve never used one, but I hear they are pretty user friendly.

I will suggest you to go for the Windows operating system and before buying any product check the specifications carefully fromhp customer support