Which Knitpicks for Socks?

I received a $50 gift certificate from Knitpicks from Christmas. At first I thought I would get a set of interchangeable needles, knowing that I’d probably have to spend a little extra in order to get either the Harmony or Options, since I don’t think I want the acrylic set.

However, I have read entirely too many stories now on Knitter’s Review, Ravelry and here about the problems with the joins on both the Harmony and Options needles, so I am thinking perhaps I should just get fixed circulars.

I’ve wanted to learn how to knit socks for some time, so the interchangeable set wouldn’t really work for me anyway as the needles are generally too large. I’m pretty sure that I know everything I need to knit them: short rows, picking up stitches, increases, decreases, etc. But so far I’m pretty hopeless with double pointed needles and think that the 2 circular or magic loop method would be the right method for me.

So, now I think maybe I should use that certificate to buy a good set of fixed circulars that would be ideal for sock knitting. So…if you were spending fifty dollars on fixed circulars, what sizes/lengths of circulars would you recommend to me to create my own customized “sock knitting tool kit”? Wood or nickel? I can probably spend about $15 over the gift certificate.

definately the wood needs, the sock yarn stays on the needles better. Not sure what lengths of circulars you would want, I don’t use the magic loop method, I use DPN’s for socks, but sock sizes are usually around size 1-2 for socks. I have the DPN set for socks and usually use either size 1 or 2 for most of my sock patterns. Good Luck!

For socks I prefer 2 circs. I have 2 each of circs in 24" length and sizes 0, 1, 2, and 3. I usually knit 2 at a time and find 24" perfect.

If you want to use magic loop, you only need one needle but a much longer length and I’m not sure what is preferred. I guess also depends if you want to knit one sock or 2 at a time. For 2 at a time you’d probably want an even longer length.

You might want to knit a couple hats, learning 2 circ method and ML so you can decide if you have a preference for either method before buying a bunch of needles and finding you don’t like that method.

Ended up getting the Harmony Wood interchangeable set after all and added a Size 3/24 inch fixed Harmony Wood circular. Also the size tabs. Then just couldn’t spend anymore.

I already have a Size 3/24 inch (I think) Addi Turbo. Hopefully, the mm sizing on the Size 3s of both are the same. Knit a swatch of the sock yarn that has been sitting in my stash for quite some time and the size 3 needle seems to be the right size for the yarn I have. Otherwise, I’ll just end up ordering another size 3 from KP or getting another Addi Turbo. But I guess you can never have too many knitting needles.

Still a little worried about the KP interchangeables as so many people seem to have issues with the tips. I have a Denise set and in the 3 or 4 years I’ve owned them, have had no problems with the joins. (Sometimes the joins seem to work too well, actually.)

About interchangeable, I bought a Boye Metal Interchangeable needle set that I really llike, so don’t shy away from Interchangeable.

I have had the Options for 3 or so years now and never a problem. And I love the Harmony dpns for socks. :inlove: Have fun with yours.

Oh, I hope my knitting needles come soon! I do have a Denise set that worked wonderfully for about four years, when all of a sudden 2 cables broke. (I know that I can send them in to have them replaced and will be doing that, but meanwhile am without my 24 inch cord, disaster!) I have an assortment of Clover needles, but none in the sizes that I need. Even with the frustration of the occasional broken cable, I really NEED interchangeables. Especially since I don’t live close enough to a yarn store so that I can just run out and grab a pair when I need them.

Has anyone else noticed that places like Walmart (and I really DO try to support LYSes and knitting businesses, but unfortunately Walmart is kind of all there is where I live) aren’t even stocking knitting needles anymore? I desperately want some more double points (Knit two hats this weekend and must. knit. more. but can’t because I don’t have the size needles I need. Finally think I’ve got this double pointed needle thing figured out. I know using 2 circulars will be easy, easy.) I just can’t believe that no one is knitting anymore, even with the recession.

Edited to add: I’m sure I’ll just end up ordering more needles from Knitpicks. Better to support a knitting business anyway!

Thank you ladies for your advice. I spent a lot of time thinking before ordering my needles. Here’s an update…

Hmmm…my Harmony needle set arrived today. I also ordered a fixed Size 3/24 inch Harmony cable needle. Unfortunately, the fixed Size 3/24 inch Harmony cable needle has a crack on one side at the base where it is joined to the cable. The other side is loose in the join. So the Size 3 fixed needle is unusable. :frowning: I have already had to call customer service and, of course, they are sending a new needle straight away. :slight_smile: I thought perhaps I might just return the whole set and exchange it for a nickle-plated set, but of course, he reassured me that they’d replace any problem needles. Visually, looking inside the package, the Harmony set seems to look okay. Still haven’t opened it though and still thinking about the nickel plated set???

I do like the flexible cable on the Knitpicks, but I will probably pick up fixed needles locally in the future, particularly for the smaller sizes. I bought an Inox/Pym (nickel plated?) from a nearby general store this week (we are so lucky to still have one of these, as I fear that most of these mom and pop stores that carry sewing and knitting notions have gone out of business.) It has a black cable that seems similar to the purple Knitpick’s cable. I also bought a ChiaoGoo Knit Red cable needle at a LYS in another town (they only carry the ChiaoGoo and Clover, I imagine because this isn’t a wealthy area and the ChiaoGoo are obviously meant to compete with the Addi Turbo.) The red cable on the ChiaoGoo, which has a stainless steel knitting tip, is also comparable to the Knitpicks. I know I’ll need small needles for socks and so I think I’ll probably get those two brands locally. I like the idea of a stainless steel knitting needle and I also think I prefer fixed needles. I love the idea of having an interchangeable set so I don’t have to worry whether or not I have the right size needle/cable, but ultimately, I think I really prefer knitting on fixed needles.

I watched a tutorial on Magic Loop yesterday and I know I can totally knit like that. (I conquered my fear of double point needles earlier this week by knitting three hats, so Magic Loop looks downright simple to me now and I think I’ll soon be knitting lots of socks.)

Thanks, if you’ve read this far.

For socks I love the essential sock yarn.

KnitPicks “set circs” are wonderful!

The one that I am having to have replaced is a fixed size 3 circular wood needle. Which is why I’m a little hesitant to open up the full set of Harmony options I ordered as well. I just got them in the mail today. Neither of the tips in the fixed circular that I ordered is properly set. (One moves around in its join. The other has a crack at the base and protrudes by a few millimeters outside the join.) I’m a little worried about the quality control (whoever inspects the finished needles should really have caught the problem with this one.) though it’s obvious that they do have great customer service.

Oh ouch! Sorry to hear that! It’s still well-worth the time to call customer service.
Their pricing so sooo good, don’t you think?

I didn’t have one thing wrong with my smaller needle sizes “set circs” from KP. I bought the Option NP.

I also bought all of my 16" set circs in the Harmony. No problems with them, either. I love the stubby little needle tips!

If the wood is coming out of the metal part, just super glue it back in. (This used to happen frequently with the Crystal Palace circs). They will be better than new.

Update: Well, the wooden tip to one of the Size 6 Harmony needles came out of the metal last night. :frowning: While I do like the Harmony needles, as they are very smooth and also pretty, I am really hesitant to use them. How frustrating it would have been if I’d had a project on the needles, only to have the tip fall out. At least they were a gift and of course, I’ll call customer service to have the Size 6 tip replaced, but I think I’ll keep on collecting fixed circular needles. The Harmony circulars will probably get used for small projects, but not important knitting. In theory, I think interchangeable circulars are a great idea, but I think I really prefer fixed.

As for socks, I have now knit two on double pointed bamboo needles (Clover Takumi) and I have to say I think I like knitting socks on four needles, so I don’t need the Knitpicks Options for magic loop or the 2 circs method.

I prefer the nickel plated to the harmonies for just about everything, including socks. Knitting socks is so fun!