Which "knit picks" yarn?

Which yarn from Knit picks would be good for a mens hat? should i go with wool or some type of cotton blend? any suggestions?


I prefer wool. If the hat is worn in crummy weather… wet snowy for instance, the wool is much warmer than cotton. I made several hats last winter out of baby alpaca. They are very soft and very warm. Plymouth Grande Baby Alpaca single stranded or KP Andean Treasure double stranded both made for nice hats. I also sew in a band of thin fleece around the part of the hat that would touch the forehead and ears. Wards of the itchies and blocks the wind.


Oh yes, definitely wool. Might even think about a felting a hat if the weather is really icky/rainy/snowy/sleety. It will help keep the head dry. Now if this is for someone like my brother who is a bit “shiny” on top maybe a nice soft baby alpaca. Very soft and not scratchy.

i would say to use a wool. It’s hard because most wools aren’t machine washable. I would say to use the Swish because it’s both wool and machine washable.
I would stay away from Wool of the Andes for a hat because it’s pretty itchy.

After having just worked with their washable wool, Swish, I suggest it :cheering:

thanks everyone!!

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