Which kind of yarn is gentle on sensitive skin?

Hi, just wondering what kind of yarn is suitable for people with sensitive skin? My bf complains that everything that I knit is too ‘scratchy’. I’ve considered using cotton but it’s just not as warm and cuddly! (Plus it’s so hard to find cotton patterns for men!) Anyone got any ideas?

Merino Wool is super soft, and because it’s wool, it’s nice and warm.
Of course, it’s on the pricey side.

knittingurl, you could try something like alpaca wool which is just soooo soft, but as Amy said about the merino wool - expensive. I have never knitted with it but I have a pair of house socks which a friend gave me as a gift and they are just lovely - not at all scratchy like wool can be. I imagine it would be just gorgeous to knit with such a wool!

I have a lot of trouble with most wools (and wool blends) being too scratchy to comfortably wear.

Since the wonderful-feeling wools are not in my budget, I usually go with an acrylic yarn. (I’m planning my next sweater out of Bernat Satin, which feels lovely).

I usually get odd looks from people in the shop, becuse the only way I can really tell is to rub the yarn along my inner wrist to test for “scratchy-ness”.
(as a courtesy be sure not to be wearing any perfume when you do this)

Perhaps drag him to the shop and test it on him before you buy?

Thanks for all the good advice! I think I should definitely drag him along to the store as Kiri suggested! ha…

Lion Brand Homespun is super-soft, easy to work with and fairly inexpensive… I made several ponchos, hats and scarves with it so far, and am currently tackling a halter top.

Side tip: If you shop yarn on http://www.joann.com/catalog.jhtml?CATID=82241 , they discount an additional 10% (5 skeins or more) on top of whatever sale is going on, plus if you search for coupon codes, you can get free (or reduced) shipping.

For about the same price as acrylic, you can use 100% wool - Superwash wool. Cascade brand sounds pricey ($10 range, tho I’ve seen it for $6 at a local yarn shop), but when you compare the yards (220 per round ball) with acrylic, it is only a dollar or 2 dfference.

Benefits: all those of wool. Warmth, wicks moisture from the skin while still a vapor (better than those new fibers), warm even if wet, non flamable etc.

Extra benifits of super wash wool: scales are removed from the fiber so you can machine wash and dry it. No felting, no shrinking. Because the scales are removed, it is super soft no-itch.

I love it!

Thanks for all the tips, unfortunately I live in the UK and don’t have access to some of those brands you’ve mentioned. I’ll try to find a UK substitution!