Which is the right side of a project?

When casting on to the right needle is the side facing you considered the right side, or when you turn the needle to start the pattern is [I]that[/I] considered the right side? I’m almost a year into learning to knit, have started two scarves, finished two dishcloths. I’m about to start a felted purse and thought I should get this answered before I get into it. I also have my eye on the tie-front raglan sweater in the summer '08 Interweave Knitting. Lofty for a beginner, but I like a challenge. Maybe i should finish those scarves first…:knitting: Thanks for any help!

To the best of my understanding, the first row facing is the right side, UNLESS STATED OTHERWISE BY THE PATTERN.
eg: for a stockinette square you cast on, knit a row, then purl a row. For reverse stockinette square you’d cast on, purl a row, then knit a row.
Most of the time I’ve found you can follow a pattern and then see the right side after a few rows.
Hope this helps

Along with what FV said, once I do establish the right side, I like to put a safety pin on it so I don’t get confused.

If you are doing stockinette stitch, most often the side that you do knit sts on is the RS, and the side you purl on is the WS. If you are doing garter st, the first row is usually establishing your RS, but this is not always the case. Your pattern will tell you RS or WS, and it should tell you which it is for the first row after casting on.

:muah: Especially the safety pin tip. I will definitely have to do that!

To me the front of a piece is the Right Side which are odd # rows.
When you cast on a knit a few rows if you can see the back of the CO stitches that’s the Wrong Side.

depends on the pattern as well.