Which is Easiest Pattern: Pi Shawl, Ene Shawl or Shrug?

I want to embark on a lace project. I know how to knit lace basically (meaning I know how to YO and K2tog, etc.) but have never done a complete lace project.

The plain Zimmerman Pi shawl, Ene Shawl (from Scarf Style book) and the shrug in A Gathering of Lace book on p.12 have caught my eye.

OK - question for those of you who have perhaps completed or worked on all 3 (Way to Go!!), or can tell me from experience:
Which do you think would be the easiest pattern for me to start with?:shrug:

I consider my self as an intermediate level knitter.

Barbara L.
Cincinnati, Ohio

If it’s your first shawl, I would go with the Pi. It starts out on DPN’s, but you’ll soon have enough to fit onto a circular needle. The best part about it is, you can make it plain, or patterned. Once it gets bigger, it’ll make its own knitting bag to hold your ball of yarn. If you use laceweight, you’ll be able to fit it anywhere. I would definately use wool, so you’ll be able to block it out.