Which is easier?

Hi everyone,

I’d appreciate your opinion. Which do you think is easier–knitting in the round on 2 circs, or magic loop?


There is no clear answer to this. It’s personal preference. What is easier for one person is harder for another. You really need to test them both to see which you prefer. I can do both, but prefer 2 circs.

I can’t say which is better, but just figured out how to do magic loop and think it’s a great trick! Who comes up with this stuff, anyway? LOL

I’m a magic looper and use it for other round knitting too. I got tired of getting poked with and dropping double points!

I can do magic loop but I don’t like it. I’ve never tried two circulars.

I think double pointed needles are easy and like that method just fine!

I really like using 2 circs, however, I’ve never tried ML. I can use dpns, but I prefer 2 ircs.

ML, I always go into ML when doing 2 circs.

Who comes up with this stuff, anyway? LOL

I did, sorta about 30 years ago. No, I didn’t popularize it, but one day I was trying to do 30 sts or so on 29" needles (about all that was readily available then) and looped out the cords on my needles. I also figured this out Modified Magic Loop
somewhere along the line too. Now I use the halfaloop method (tm pending) to knit hats on 24" needles. Very handy technique.

yeah that :slight_smile:

I, too, think it’s personal preference. I believe I tried 2 circs a while back, but decided to stick with ML b/c it was more cost effective for me. This was one of the main reasons I gave hubby that I “needed” my Knit Picks Options! LOL I didn’t want to have to have 2 sets of the same size circs every time I wanted to do a small diameter project.

Hi! :waving:

When I started knitting socks I experimented with various techniques to find out which worked best for me.

As it turns out, all the ones I’ve tried are useful depending on what I’m knitting.

Doing one sock at a time I first used dpn’s. When I got used to them and stopped being afraid they’d slip out of the stitches if I made a wrong move, I got really comfortable with them.

Then I tried Magic Loop but my first attempt wasn’t very happy because I was working with circs that had a stiff cord. Later, when I got my Knit Picks Options with their lovely flexible cord I liked Magic Loop much better. And it’s so useful on other non-sock projects.

When I worked two socks at a time I used two circs. I found it a little bit awkward most of the way through, but once I got familiar with it that improved. Although I wouldn’t list it as a favorite way to make two at a time socks, I’m glad I learned it and will probably use it again.

The one method I haven’t gotten to seriously try yet is two at a time on one long circ. I have Melissa Morgan-Oaks book on it and am looking forward to trying it out. I tried to use that method on my first attempt to do socks but it didn’t work out too well since I didn’t know anything about knitting socks! :roflhard: It was a mess! But now that I’ve knitted some I think I can tackle it with greater success!

Overall, it was a great experience learning the different methods. I now have them in my knitting repertoire and can use whichever is most appropriate or the one that appeals to me at the time!

Like me, you may never choose a “favorite” method. And that’s OK because if you try them all you’ll have fun learning and lots of new knitting ammunition!


Ruthie :knitting:

There are some really talented knitters who have chosen the method that works for them:

Yarn Harlot - DPNs
Cat Bordhi - 2 Circs
Bev Galeskas - Magic Loop

So whichever method you prefer - you’re in good company!! I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE magic loop and will never look back. But that’s just me!

I’m one of ‘those’ knitters who actually like DPN’s, but I’ve tried Magic Loop and like it okay. I like the idea of having everything on one needle, but I still plan to try the 2 circs method one day. I think it is useful to know as many methods as possible. Besides, it is so much fun to learn something new.

I’m a dpn girl. Haven’t tried magic loop or 2 circular mainly because my Harmony interchangeables don’t go down to a small enough size and I haven’t sprung for circulars in 0 to 2 sizes.

I love 2 circs. Have never attempted to learn ML.