Which is better

I am sure that some of you on here have your own online store. I am in the process of starting my own , only if I could make up my mind as to which online host to go with …lol

I have brought down my desicion to these two .



If anyone on here has used one of these or has tried both at some time …what are your thoughts ?

Which seems better ?

:?? :shrug:

I haven’t used VStore, but I have used Etsy. Etsy is great for a no brainer store. Just upload pictures, fill out the info and price and viola, you’re in business. But, you can only sell handmade items or supplies for handmade items, your store is on their website, you can’t customize it except for one banner picture, and you have to pay a fee (albeit a very small one) to list an item and when an item sells. But overall, I think Etsy is a GREAT place to start selling your own stuff.

I had Etsy for several months but left and opened my own store on my own website using CubeCart. I prefer my own shop that I can run and customize however I want, and not have to worry about paying fees to anyone. :slight_smile:

Etsy does seem like the place I should start .

I think I will , can’t hurt to try .

My sil suggested ebay …ick…I hate ebay !

Thanks for sharing silver , by the way your store is very nice .