Which is better for pictures--intarsia or fair isle?

I’ve been knitting for a couple of years, and I always love learning new techniques. My husband has a sweater pattern that he’d like for me to make for him, but it has pictures. The pattern says that it requires Fair Isle knitting, with which I only have a passing acquaintance. I can teach myself either one, but I’d like to know whether fair isle or intarsia is better for knitting with pictures. HELP!

Fair isle yarns are carried around the entire garment and are more for creating and entire overall pattern. It can be done flat, but it’s more of a pain to carry the yarns across the back I think.

Intarsia is usually use for larger blocks of color like in picture and is done flat. There are some fiddly methods if doing it in the round, but you’ll have to check you tube.

Both techniques have videos in KH under advanced techniques.

If it’s written for Fair Isle switching it over to intarsia might be complicated? I’ve not done intarsia but have been playing with FI. I might be way off base and it would be no problem.

I agree. Switching might be too complicated. Can you give us a link please.it always helps if we know what we are dealing with rather than having to answer generally.

Yes, knowing what the actual pattern is will tell what is best. If you’re working a picture on a plain background, working back and forth, intarsia is the way to go. If the pattern travels all across the row, then FI, or stranded, is what you need.

I will try to find a link to the pattern and post it. It’s a vintage pattern from Mary Maxim (1960s), and we bought it in print; I have not yet been able to find it online. If I cannot find a link, I will try to scan it as a pdf.