Which increase?

When you do toe up socks, which increase do you use?

Take a look on the basic techniques page (increases), and let me know which of those you use…


I think it depends on whether you want an increase that will make a pattern, or is nearly invisible. If you want a pattern, do you want it to lean right or left.

I’m lazy. It’s a damn sock! Either kfb (especially on those first increase round or two) or pick up the bar between stitches and twist. If you want your increases to be m1s/invisible but find them awkward on the first row, you can knit the first round plain and then increase on the 2nd when it’s much easier.

I just started my first pair of toe up socks. I did kfb on the first 3 rounds and then went to m1. I was also wondering if it mattered a lot, so thanks for asking this!

I don’t like the bar that KFB makes, and was hoping that there was an ‘invisible’ yet tight option…

I really want to start on these socks… :smiley:

If you look here at M1L and M1R. After the toe of the sock gets large enough (maybe on the 3-4 round) these are what I have been using and they are perfect.

I like the KRL/KLL increases for being the most invisible.

Seems that the only ones that will work on the first few rows is a KFB or M1L/R …

Thanks guys :smiley:

I’ve been doing the M1L/R and it’s working well (once I figured out which ones were for which side ;))

Thank you!!