Which increase would you use in garter stitch?

My Nightfall slipper pattern tells me to increase but doesn’t suggest which increase to use. I like that! I’m leaning toward kfb as it typically plays well with garter stitch but thought I’d see what others would do. This is a learning project and I’m open to suggestions and just might try something different.

The pattern looked intimidating but once I started and saw how it goes together…I’m really liking it. I can see lots of ways to modify it to do different things including starting at the center of the instep instead the of center of the sole to make lace up boot style slippers for my grandgirl. I could add all kinds of things: cables or ruffles or just about any pattern stitch, even crochet crocodile stitch. I’m also considering how to make them suitable for a teenaged boy. I’m already thinking Christmas presents. This is more fun than I ever thought it could be. :inlove:

I’d probably do kfb. It doesn’t really show in garter like it does in stockinette.

Thanks, Jan. That’s my thought exactly. I sort of got into a rut with doing the same thing every time and thought I might try something different. Kfb it is! If it ain’t broke, etc.

just to be more of a stick in the mud… if you look under the ‘videos’ tab, next to the picture on the pattern page, they show the options for each thing… cast on, increase, decrease, etc. the only increase shown IS kfb… :slight_smile:

Really? I avoid looking at such things as instructional videos that accompany patterns. They usually end up confusing me. If I get stuck and there’s a video that goes with the pattern or one is suggested then I look.

Anyhow I used kfb and now I’m on the cuff. Soon it will be done!