Which increase to use?

I am knitting the Raglan sleeve for a sweater…
The pattern says K1 then inc in next stitch, knit till 2 stitches are
left on the needle, inc in that stitch, K1.
So I was wondering, what kind of increase to do? and is it the same on both ends of the needle??
The pattern is a Yankee Knitter roll neck raglan for kids!!

[color=darkblue][/color] I have had good luck with what is called a bar increase by some books, or “knit into the front and back of the stitch” by other books. Basically, you knit the stitch like normal, but DON’T slip it off the left needle. Instead, insert the right needle into the back of the same stitch, knit, and then slip the stitch off. I am working on a baby blanket with different cabled panels, and you have to increase stitches because the design tends to pull in the fabric too visibly. I used this increase and I can’t tell where I have increased upon looking at the finished product! Good luck!

Since it’s a sweater you might want the increases at each end to point away from each other. I like the M1F and M1B the best.

Thanks…I reread my post and I apologise for not greeting everyone first!! How RUDE!!!
Sorry about that!!
I am working on the second sleeve of what will be my first non-scarf, FO!!!
I started it LAST thanksgiving, right about the time KH was born!!!
I am pretty sure I used the M1 on my first sleeve!!, but I was not sure!