Which increase to use?

Hey, all…I need your wisdom and council! :notworthy:

I am making THIS DOG SWEATER for Howie.

Im starting on the underpanel, and its HARD to keep track of k1p1 ribbing, color changes every 8 rows AND increases every three! WHEW!

I tried using kf&b increases, and they dont quite JIVE with the ribbing…

What is the best increase to use with k1p1 ribbing??? :??

I might try casting on one extra stitch at the end of each row, keeping in mind that it will take 4 rows to get a complete ‘rib’ of k2,p2.

I hope Howie appreciates his technicolor dreamcoat!

But Im supposed to increase at the beginning AND the end of each 3rd row…

What if I k1 & m1?

I think that would do it, because you’ll be putting the increases so close to the spot where you’ll be seaming, no one should see.

Post a photo of Howie modeling your handiwork!

Yeah, I’d do a M1 increase. It’s the most invisible increase, IMO.