Which Increase Should I Use?


I am working on a baby sweater. I will be working in stockinette st, and for part of the sleeves, I will need to increase 1 st at each side every 4th row, 9 times.

From my reading online and in knitting reference books, the M1L (Make One Left)/M1R (Make One Right) increase and the Bar increase need to be done one or more stitches in.

Do you have any suggestions regarding an increase I can use for the first and last stitch of a row?

Thank you,


Whichever you prefer - you can use kfb or one of the M1 increases, or KLL/KRL - all of which are shown on the Increases page.

I have done the bar increase (also known as Kf&b if im thinking of the right thing) on the first stitch of a row.
If you are working in plain stockinette, then there is nothing wrong with knitting the first stitch of the row before doing your increase if you feel that will make your increases work better or be more secure.