Which hook for trim?

I am making this shawl, and am using Wool-Ease Chunky instead of the Homespun called for in the pattern (the boucle of the Homespun [in my opinion] looked sloppy to me when I tried a gauge swatch, so I wanted a smooth yarn rather than a textured one).

Since the Wool Ease Chunky is a bit thicker, I had to go with size 17 (12.75mm) needles to get gauge. So my question is, what size crochet hook will I need when I get to the trim part of the shawl? I tried figuring it out using proportions, and here’s what I come up with:

The pattern calls for size 13 (9mm) needles and a size K-10.5 (6.5mm) crochet hook for the trim.

I used size 17 (12.75mm) needles, so I come up with needing a size M/N-13 (9mm) crochet hook. Is that right? I always second guess myself when it comes to math!

I am a math dud so no technical help here. But if the crochet hook is X number of sizes smaller than the needles, doesn’t that just extrapolate? Just go down the same number of sizes from whatever size knitting needle you are using? :oo:

(Ignore this if it’s ridiculous.)


An [B]O [/B]hook is the equivalent of size 17 needles, but they can be hard to find except for Addi’s. You could use a size [B]N and ease your tension or a P or Q crochet hook and increase your tension[/B] to finish your project!

Good luck with your project! :wink: