Which DPNs for first socks?

So I am going to start Silver’s tutorial on socks. I have bamboo DPNs and I have metal (knit picks). Which would be best for a DPN newbie??

I’m in the middle of my first sock using Silver’s Sock Class. I guess it really depends on what size/type of yarn you’re going to use as well as which ones you’re more comfortable with.

I’m doing mine with worsted weight on size 6 metal DPNs if that helps any. It’s going quite well and is actually easier than I thought it would be. Silver’s tutorial is great.

Yarn is usually less likely to slip off of bamboo needles, which makes it easier.

They only make it easier if you are a loose knitter. If you are a tight knitter, you’re more likely to prefer metal needles so the stitches don’t stick. I have never had a metal needle fall out of a needle-full of stitches. However some people don’t like the hardness and coldness of metal needles. I say go with whatever material you prefer in straight needles.


I’ve had both metal and wooden DPN fall out of my stitches. In fact, it happened to me just last night! :hair:

[color=indigo]Start out with the bamboo ones and get past the intitial joining and first couple rows where, IMO, sts are more likely to fight back. Then switch to the metal ones and see which ones you like best. I did my last pair of socks on wood DPNs and it was fine. I’m doing this pair on metal ones and they work great, too. Like a lot of things, it’s personal preference.[/color]

I’d suggest the bamboo, but like everyone said, it’s a personal preference.

Thanks everyone! I decided to go with the bamboo. And guess what!??! I’M DOING IT!! I actually have started a sock!! I have about an inch of the ribbing done. I only had knit picks essentials and I ended up using size 2 needles. I was thinking at first I would have a hard time since they were so small, but I am doing great. After that first round it got easier and easier! :cheering: I’m so stinking proud of myself!

Thanks Kristin for your great class! (oh and you are great anyway since you spell your name right! :thumbsup: )

LOL You’re welcome Kristin! Hee!
Do you cringe when people spell your name with an E too? :?

LOL You’re welcome Kristin! Hee!
Do you cringe when people spell your name with an E too? :?[/quote]

OMG! Totally! :!!!: :roflhard:

I just finished my first pair of socks using Silver’s Sock class, and I used bamboo #1 needles. I love the bamboo, of all sizes, but these size 1’s were like knitting with long toothpicks! LOL Since Silver’s tute comes in more than one needle size, I’ll be trying size 7’s next.

Kristin – huzzah on starting your socks – I think I’m addicted to them now.

LOL You’re welcome Kristin! Hee!
Do you cringe when people spell your name with an E too? :?[/quote]

Ack!! It’s really you, Silver!! I love your sock tute - I added to the tip jar because it was so great.

Back to the sock fest. :rofl:

I used the bamboo needles when I started. But the were actually too tight for me - but then I got the Knit Picks DPN’s - WHOOO - TOO slippery for socks! Plus they are too heavy - I couldnt do the heel flap becaus the weight of the needles where pulling the sock down. My favorite now is the Susan Bates Quick Silver DPN’s. It took alot of trial and error to find the ones that work for me. Everybody has their own favorites - you got to see what works for you,

Could you do socks on sz 11 dpns? :??

don’t see why not – they would be lovely and thick, probably, and wonderful with boots. I guess… not having ever knitted that size socks, I don’t really know. :oops:

I’m using bamboo DPNs right now. I’m in the middle of the ribbing portion on Silver’s tutorial.

[color=blue]I vote for Bamboo. I love :heart: them… easy on the hands and as stated above the stitches do not slide off accidently. The only problem I had was bending the needles when I knitted to tightly. Yay for Kirstin’s sock tutorial
anne [/color]

Yep, it’s really me. Thank you so much for the tip! :hug: :muah: :hug:

Oh! This is a great tute! I bookmarked it for when Im ready to learn! Thanks silver!

[color=blue]PaperGirl… I love the image under your user name! :roflhard: