Which do you prefer?

Ok. Here is a question: when you are knitting flat, do you prefer to use straight needles or circulars? :shrug: See, I really DONT like straights because they stick out from the sides and it gets annoying! :!!!: I am thinking about totally switching to circulars! :eyebrow: Anyone with me? :happydance: :muah:

Absolutely. I try to only use circulars. Knitting with straights hurts my wrists.

i have never used straights, ever…haven’t ever bought a pair. had a friend offer me some that were her grandmother’s and as sweet as the offer was i turned her down because i knew i would never use them and i didn’t want them to go to someone who wouldn’t appreciate them.

make the switch! :wink:

I think there are many of us here that only use circular needles. I don’t remember the last time I used straight needles.

Unless I absolutely have to, I don’t use straights anymore.

I quit using straights soon after I first started knitting a few months ago. I’ll not go back to them if there’s anyway to avoid them, I also found the to be a pain, in my wrist, and the in the neck. I now own 3 sets of needle masters, 1 new, 2 vintage(1 set plastic & 1 of the “Sears’s” metal). To be honest I actually prefer the 2 vintage sets over the new ones, the cables are far more flexible.

I guess I am an odd duck! :teehee:

I use both actually. I learned how to knit on circulars. I have equal amount of both straights and circular in my stash. I love using Bryspun straights, they have a neat tapered end that makes it easier for me to knit.

I guess I’m almost the only one here who doesn’t like circs and only uses straights or DPN’s. I tried knitting with straights once, but that wasn’t a succes, so the next sweater I’m making will get the collar with DPN’s.

Circs all the way. Addi circs, to be exact, because I love the speed it gives me. Same with Knitpicks circs.


I want to buy some addi’s SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad!! :!!!: :grrr: :waah: But, I am only 17 and I don’t have a job!! :wall: :wall: So, no money to buy these! I think that if I get circulars from now on, I am going to request only Addi Turbo circs! :happydance: :happydance:

Since I bought my Denise circs. I use them ALL the time now. :muah:

I :heart: :heart: :heart: my KnitPicks Options needles. Interchangeable circs all the way.

I never use my straights anymore. ever.

I love circs :heart: and I have a lot of them … but I also have a lot of straight needles as well … so I guess I would say this - If I have the size I need in a circ I will use it if I don’t then I will use straights.

The only time I use straights is when I have no other circs to knit with and just have to start that next project :teehee: I think Circs are easier and also I just slide my work to the center of the cable and don’t have to worry about it coming off…

Circ girl here! I have a beautiful antique Fiestaware vase that holds all of my lonely straights! I think I will probably give them to my sil and niece when they begin to knit!

I use my circs exclusively, and always have. I have a good collection of straights, I let my daughter use them when she wants to practice her knitting. Maybe that’s why she keeps putting it down? :?? Guess she’ll have to get her some circs! :teehee:

I have a ton of straights, but I prefer using my Denise set to knitting with 14" straights. But, I have a few sets of birch and balene shorter needles (10", I think), which I like using if the project is small enough.

Maybe it’s the weight of the needles, but when I have to use the longer straights, I end up dropping the empty one once I finish a row. K 1 row, drop needle, dig it out of the cushions or from under the chair; K 2nd row, repeat * *. (My first pattern!!)


I have a few pair of straights, but only some bamboo ones and they aren’t very long (like the ones my mother used!) But I :heart: my KP interchangeables circs. If I’m not working on dpn’s I’m using circs.

What are straights? heh, just kidding. I used straights till I got my first circ, I’ve never gone back.

Someone stole my basket of yarn avatar. :noway: