Which do you like better?

Thanks to Nuno’s great suggestion, I’ve created a new video icon (I’m sure you’ve noticed!), to represent a Video that applies to BOTH Continental and English knitters. I’ve put an icon up, but now I’m considering a different style. I can’t decide! I need input!

Which icon do you folks like better?..

Icon #1(View in context) is nice and clear, and looks obviously different from the two original icons. Too different?

Icon #2 (View in context) looks more similar, but “blends in” and may look, at first glance, like solid pink or blue when clustered with other icons, like in the “Decorative Stitches” section.


#2 is my favorite

I like the look of #2 best too…you don’t think it’s too subtle?

Me too, I vote for two! You sure did that fast, Amy.


Jouf–yes, that’s the magic of “find and replace”! :slight_smile:

Wow, I was going to wait to get a big pool of opinions, but the scales seem heavily in favor of #2 already.

I’ll keep the poll up, but go ahead and switch to #2 on the site for now.

I like #2…I get a feeling of blended continental/english when I look at it…more so than the other.

Definitely #2. I’d think my mind were playing tricks on me with #1.

for sure #2 :wink: