Which decrease to use to shape a v-neck?

i’m working on my first sweater (3xchic from knitty) and could use some help. the pattern doesn’t specify which decreases to use and i’ve gotten along okay so far, but i’m stuck on the front neck shaping now.

i’m not sure which decrease to use for which shoulder. clearly, for symmetry, i need to use opposite decreases on the two sides. i can’t seem to get my head around which one to use on which side, though. if i use a ssk on the right neck/shoulder, will it be visible or invisible? there’s also no neck band or other trim or edging that happens in this pattern, so i don’t know if i should leave any selvedge. i’d really appreciate some help with this.

also, just for future reference … for the armhole and back shoulder shaping, i used ssk at the start of the row and k2tog at the end of the row, because that’s what was recommended as a general rule in snb (p66) and the knitter’s companion (p59). it’s too late on this particular pattern, but i’m wondering if i should’ve reversed the order and made the decreases completely invisible. not sure how to decide about that.

thanks so much. :slight_smile:

There’s lots of options when it comes to increases, decreases and their visibility. Lots of times, you want your inc or dec to be visible, or to add a decorative touch to your garment. Take a raglan garment, for example.

That said, there are left leaning, right leaning and other types of increases and decreases, some more visible than others. It’s a matter of taste.

http://www.wonderful-things.com/newknit4a.htm is a good site to see some different ones, with illustrations.

As to your untrimmed edges, you can always crochet an edge if you need it for stability.

Hope this helps!