Which comes first

the pattern or the yarn?
just wondering what everyone else does… while I find myself with about 1 skein of every yarn known to man and no patterns. :thud: Sigh.

I may be weird, but for me the pattern comes first. Since my yarn budget is limited, I like to know how much I need, etc. :shrug:

I would say the pattern in most cases so you know how much yarn to get. However, sometimes yarn calls you and you just have to get it! Then you find a pattern to suit your yarn. :teehee:

i’m sure that’s the best way… sometimes i just can’t help myself in the yarn aisle or find some on sale (my budget is labelled A for acrylic, lol), and then can’t find a pattern for such a small amount. sigh. i may need therapy!

I know it may be bass ackwards but for me it’s usually the yarn. I see it and think – “What can I make with this yarn?” Then I do the research and find a pattern. Then I buy the amount of yarn I need for the pattern.

Every once and a while I see a pattern I really like and buy that first.



that seems very reasonable. i’ll try that from now on. eyes huge stash of single balls of yarn sigh.

Yes. :teehee:

I think a lot of people are in the boat you are in. I generally pick my pattern first though. I don’t like overloads of yarn. I used to do like you do, and then I couldn’t stand it anymore, so I had to start rationalizing.

I generally do pattern first…or at least an idea of a pattern–like scarf vs sweater vs tank. But you know, sometimes you walk in the store and certain yarns are on crazy sale and you MUST have them! In that situation, I buy enough for an average sweater if I can afford it…then I can decide what I want to make later. I use this chart as a general guide for yardage for sweaters, etc.

umm… I buy the yarn first usually, as i just fall in love with it and have to take it home. When I was a new knitting, i too, like you, would buy 1 skein then wonder what to make of it, and of course, 1 is never enough… so now, do you know what I do - I buy 10 - 15!!! Just in case, left overs is cool, you know!!! So needless to say, my stash is a bit outlandish, as most don’t have projects yet! :teehee:

Yes. :teehee:

Sometimes one, sometimes the other.

If you only buy one skein of yarn with no project in mind, then there are books llike One Skein Wonders that have projects for just one skein of yarn.

wow, thanks for the chart! i’m looking at it and it should definitely make things a lot easier. i’ll try to control myself in the future! :muah:

YARN~ is always first. I see it in the store and I look at it and say…"Hmmm… what could you become?"
I havent’ bought any yarn with a pattern in mind first :teehee: I think it makes me feel like I HAVE to make my project… it’s kinda stifles my creativity to look the yarn over and again and say (again) what could you become?? :teehee:

Well, obviously the chicken came first, because an egg can’t hatch by itself and a baby chick would never survive without its mommy to take care of it.

Where was I? :?? Oh, yeah. I go both ways. Usually it’s yarn first, because most of my patterns are free internet patterns, so I don’t have to wait for those to be on sale.

I buy as much yarn as I want in whatever color and fiber, and when the right pattern presents itself, I change my mind about a dozen more times and usually end up putting it off because I’m trying to finish gifts anyway.


yeah, all my patterns are from the net or from library books. i can’t see why anyone would ever need to buy a pattern. so the i end up looking for a pattern that fits my stash/skill level. i think i need a yarn shopping mantra…
“yardage… dye lot… yardage… dye lot… OMMMMMM.”



I am the type of person who needs a plan, hence my picking the pattern first. I guess I’m just not artsy enough to envision something before it’s made (unless you’re talking about something computer-related).

No problem! :thumbsup: Somebody here linked me to it a few months ago, but I don’t remember who :oops: .