Which circular needles would you recommend?

I am interested in knitting my first baby blanket and I’m trying to get some good circular needles to use. I got some susan bates silvalume in size 11- 36 in and size 10.5 - 29 in because they were on sale and came recommended by the lady in Joanne’s. Once I got them though they just don’t seem to feel right and I cannot seem to get the plastic cable uncoiled (I guess they’ve been in the package so long that it’s just kinda stuck in the coiled position).

Have any of you used these needles with success? How do I get them to uncoil? Do you have any other inexpensive (under $10)circulars that you can recommend? I plan on returning these ones today.

To get the cables to uncoil just put them in some warm water for a minute. They’ll loosen right up. If you don’t like the feel of the needles, that’s a whole other ball of wax. I have a set of Denise interchangable circulars that I’m ok with. The tips are sizes 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 10.5, 11, 13, & 15 and cable lengths of 5", 9", 12", 14", 16", & 19". The set also comes with 2 connectors (so you can put several cables together to make a mammoth length) and 4 stoppers (so you can make them like straight point needles or stitch holders). The cost for all of that was around $60, so if you total up the cost of buying all those needle sizes along with all the different lengths you can make, it’s [I]way[/I] cheaper to buy the set. My only hangup is the tips are plastic and I just can’t wrap my head around the feel of them. I prefer either nickle plated or wood and I’m really craving the KnitPicks sets but I hear so many bad things about quality I haven’t made the move yet.

You don’t need to return them, most of them will coil up like that. I don’t use anything but circular needles and I like SB or Boye. To uncoil them, dip them in very hot water for a moment, then hold or pull them straight as they cool. It won’t completely straighten them, but in using them, the weight of the knitting will. Don’t store them coiled up either or you’ll have to do this again.

I started out with the aluminum needles and am not fond of them. I have many sets of cheapy plastic needles, aluminum, and cheap bamboo. Until I felt like I wanted to continue this as a serious hobby, I stayed with the less expensive options. Now, I have some rosewoods, Denise interchangeables (not too fond of the resin (plastic) myself, but they really are pretty good needles), and nickle-plated. I love all different textures just like yarn… it just depends on what you like. Everyone is so different.

This may sound really strange: I have a toddler at home. Needless to say, I have toddler clothes and hangers as well. I take an old toddler shirt on a toddler hanger and use them to hang my circs. I thread one end through one sleeve through to the next sleeve. (One needle hangs out of each sleeve. Most of my circs are pretty long.) It works great if you can use a really small (infant or toddler shirt). I should really just MAKE myself a circs holder, but this is free, fast, and easy… and my circs aren’t all coiled up.

What a neat idea!
I cannot believe I’ve never seen this posted before…such a simple & free way to deal with circs!
Thanks for sharing,
Karen G
(who does not have any toddlers any more - - they grow up too fast!)

A lot of people have also had success with using a hair dryer to straighten them… which is something you can do with the project on the needles.

Hi BabeeBK,
If you are looking for inexpensive needles that do not coil and are a dream to knit with . Have a look at Limey’s site . She has some wonderful needles . I have been knitting with them myself and they are a pleasure to knit with. They do not coil or have kinks. And they are very smooth to knit with.
Have a look http://www.countonknit.com
There are plastic cables and metal cables. They are both equally good .

I just bought a Susan Bates 36" length circ yesterday that had an awfully coiled cord. I boiled water in the kettle, poured the water into a bowl then dipped the needle in for probably 15-20 seconds or so, pulled it out (the needle tips were VERY hot, forgot that they were metal!) and straightened the cord as it cooled just like Suzeeq said, and it worked great.

My favorite circs are Addis but I really only use those for magic looping socks. If they weren’t so expensive I’d had lots more and use them for everything, but of the inexpensive ones my favorites are Susan Bates Quick Silver and the Inox brand are good too.

I havet the Denise Interchangeable Kit and LOVE it. I got so tired of stiff cable circs so when I found these I fell in love.

those would probably work. i would use size 11 29"-ers but thats just me :flirt:
keep knitting :knitting: