Which circs for socks

I’ve decided I like making socks on two circs rather than dp. I would love to buy Addi’s but right now they are not in my budget. I was considering Knit Picks, but wonder how flexible the cable is. My DH bought me the Addi Click set for my birthday and I must say I am spoiled after using those because that blue cable is like wonderful. Will I be disappointed in the cables on the knit picks needles ( Sz 2)? Should I just wait until I can afford the addis? Thanks so much for any guidance you can give.

I just received (1/29/10) a Knit Pick Harmony Wood interchangeable needle and so far have found the cable to be wonderful.

I do 2 socks at a time w/2 circs. My most used needles for this are Knitpicks fixed/metal. The cable is very flexible. Even if you are a magic loop person, the cable is perfect. I can’t imagine you’d be disappointed with knitpicks.

Thanks for the help. I’m going to order the Knit Picks now. I knew I could count on wonderful people in the forum to help me.

I use KP Options fixed circulars for socks on two circs, too. Love them!

Yup, KP cables are very flexible. I’m using for socks right now. Well, not RIGHT now since I’m on the computer right now, but you know what I mean.

I’ve ordered a set of the fixed nickle plate sz 2.75 and a set of the fixed Harmony 2.5. I also ordered some yarn for socks and lace. I’ve never knitted lace, so I thought I would give it a try. The prices were good.

I’ve never ordered from Knit Picks, what can you tell me about how quickly you get your merchandise? I know many have written about the great customer service they offer, so I wasn’t nervous about ordering from them. Thanks again for all the useful information. You guys are great!