Which cast on?

When considering this, I realized that I think I’ve only ever done the long-tail cast on.

I’m designing an item in which I will knit the first piece seperately, with a provisional cast on, so once done it has live stitches on both ends.

Then to start the main portion of the project, I will cast on X number of stitches, then knit on one half of the live stitches from the first piece, cast on another X number of stitches, then knit on the other half of live stitches on hold.

What would be the best cast on to use for this?

You use the provisional cast on, using this u cast on the sts that you are going to graft together when u are done; when u are done, u ‘unzip’ the live sts very carefully to reveal the cast on sts :wink: . This is done when the cast on edge is what needs to be grafted. If you happen to be grafting the bind off edge, you would just then leave the live sts on a st holder & graft together when u r done. :wink: Was that helpful?! and…

Maybe it would help more if I wasn’t so vague!! :wink:

I am knitting a purse. I have done the strap first, and used provisional cast on for that part. So I have my long strap piece with live stitches on either end. That part is fine. So then what I want to do is join it all in the round and knit the bag from the top down, AND knit in the two ends of the strap where they would be placed, so I don’t have to do any seaming.

So I want to cast on the stitches for the front of the bag onto my circular needle, then knit off the holder the one half of live stitches, then cast on the stitches for the back of the bag, then knit off the holder the second half of live stitches, then start knitting in the round.

Does that make a bit more sense?

What about doing the bag part from the bottom…up. Then when you bind off at the top you can do a 3 needle bind off when you come to where you went to attach each end of the strap?

You could use any one of the single yarn castons that Amy demonstrates–except backward loop because I think that would be too loose. Maybe a cable cast on. Then you could knit on the straps and have your yarn in the right place for continuing the cast on.

Thanks everyone.

I just remembered that there’s a pattern for a scarf in the book “Knitting Over The Edge” that uses some kind of method like what I’m looking for. Does someone have that book and could look it up for me?

It’s the scarf with the rows of i-cord circles attached around each end of the scarf. It starts the cast on, then joins in one of the circles (currently on holder), then casts on more, then joins another circle, etc.

If someone could let me know how she describes it in that pattern I’d greatly appreciate it!

Hi knitqueen,

Did you solve your cast-on problem?
I agree with Ingrid as far as a solution.
I’d do a cable cast on for the front, knit one end of the strap, continue cable cast on for the back, and finish with the other end of the strap.
Then your working yarn will be all set to knit the body of the purse in the round.

Happy knitting :XX: :XX: