Which cast on?

Does anyone have a good rule of thumb as to which cast on to use and when? Some are self explanatory but others such as cable cast on I haven’t got a clue. Since I read that cable cast on doesn’t have anything to do with making cables? :thinking: Is the long tail cast on right for every project?


The cable cast on is just a way of casting on that is a little firmer than the long tail cast on but still stretch. If you found that your long tail cast on was too messy and you wanted something neater and firmer, you might try the cable cast on. The long-tail cast on is good for any time that you want a stretchy edge. If you wanted a firmer edge (Say for a bag that you knit from the top down) you might want to use a different cast on like knitting on.

I use long tail for just about anything, except when I have to make a provisional cast on.

Hi Tary,

I find that Alternate Cable Cast-On is great for hats esp. if ribbed. It’s very pretty, gives good straight corners to your work and has a slip knot. The addvantach of using a slip knot is that you don’t have to estimate the length of your tail.

When making a scarf and wanting two identical ends I’d suggest using Invisible (Provisional) Cast-On and then binding off the live stitches so that both ends look the same.

I recently did an I-cord for a purse and used the Double CO because it just looked best with the bind off.

May be it’s best to try a few and see.

Yes, unless it calls specifically for another type, but you use wichever is easiest and most comfortable for YOU.