Which cast-on would you use?

I am (hopefully) going to start knitting a aran/fisherman’s knit style afghan. It starts with casting on over 200 stitches!!! I have made lots of afghans, but none with this many stitches.

What type of cast on should I use? I have always used the long tail in all my other projects, but how on earth would I be able to measure out the long tail for this many sts???

Anyway, if anyone has some hints/ideas or maybe another type of cast on I could use, I would be REALLY thankful!


You can still go with long-tail. You can get an approximation of how long a tail to use by wrapping the yarn around your needle 10 times, measure that, and multiply by 20. Then add some extra inches for insurance.

You could also do long tail using two different balls but you’d have a little knot where you joined them.

The knitted cast on or cable cast on also looks nice and doesn’t require a tail.

I’d go with the longtail and use two skeins so there is no chance of running out.

Thanks to both of you. I cast on the # of sts I needed, but then discovered that I’m going to need a longer circular needle!! I thought my 29" would be long enough, but it’s not.

Anyway, at least now I know how much to leave for a tail!!


I can get 200 sts of worsted weight on my 29" circs, but a 36" would probably make things easier for you.

Thanks suzq!!! I bought a 40" circ and they fit fine on there!