Which Cast On Should I Use?

Hi I am planning on making this Table Centre and I am not sure which cast on I would use. Do I just use long tail or should I use pinhole? Thanks!

That’s gorgeous!
You could probably use either but it seems like the perfect place for a pinhole like Emily Ocker’s cast on.

Okay thank you! I’m not very good at using a crochet hook so I would prefer to do the pinhole cast on. I looked up the pinhole cast on and the Emily Ocker’s and visually didn’t see much of a difference. Is there something I’m missing? Thanks!

This always seems like more crochet but if your comfortable with it, use it. I hope we get to see a photo of this lovely piece.

I’ve never heard of pinhole cast on so of course I’ve had to go and find out what this “new” thing is.
Pretty cool!

Most of the video tutorials seem to use a crotchet hook but I think it’s the same thing with knitting needles isn’t it? As you said Bunny7 it looks the same.
Here’s one with knitting needles, for those who dislike crotchet hooks

Is this what you mean?

Thanks for expanding my knowledge!

Thank you so much for all your help!

Yes exactly! Thank you so much!

Hi I have a question about row 72. It says to knit into the back of the stitch, does that mean to knit it through the back loop? Thanks!

Yes. This will make a twisted stitch.

Thanks!! I have a question about just before row 35. The pattern says to slip 2 stitches from the 3rd needle to the 1st needle, but how will that work? The working yarn is supposed to be on the right side but if I slip the last 2 stitches on the 3rd needle to the 1st then my working yarn will be on the left side, and I won’t be able to work in the round as normal. What should I do? Thanks!

It might be best to quote row 35 but the instruction before the row sounds like you should stop 2sts before the end of needle 3, slip the 2sts from #3 to #1. That way the yarn will be at the new end of needle 3. See if that makes sense with the next row and the stitch pattern.
This might be a good place to put in a lifeline just in case you need to take out the sts.

Okay thank you!

Hi I have another question! You suggested to slip the last 2 stitches of needle 3 to needle 1 so that the working yarn will be in the right position. What about for slipping stitches from needles 1-2 and from 2-3? Do I slip them without knitting them on row 34 like from needle 3-1 or should they be knitted? Is it just an exception for slipping stitches from needles 3-1? I hope that makes sense! Thank you!

It depends on the context. Sometimes this is done to shift the beginning of round as in the move from needle 3 to needle one. Other times it may be to move sts to even out the distribution or to prepare to work a feature like a sock heel.
Does your pattern have further shifts or is that a general question?

All that the pattern says regarding this is “ Before beginning the 35th round, slip the last 2 sts from the 3rd needle to the 1st; the last two from the 1st needle to the 2nd, and the last two from the 2nd needle to the 3rd.” I just want to know exactly what to do because the pattern doesn’t explain in detailed steps how to do this.

Yes, you’re rearranging the sts on the needles in preparation for some following instruction. Once you’ve slipped the last 2 sts from needle 3 onto the first needle you can then slip the last 2sts from needle 1 to needle 2 and then the last 2sts from needle 2 onto needle 3. Slip the 2sts purlwise in each case. That way will maintain the stitch orientation and won’t twist the stitches.

If a pattern doesn’t specify how to slip sts, use the purlwise slip.

Okay thanks! Do I start knitting round 34 and leave 2 stitches on the end of needle 1 then slip them onto the 2nd needle? Then I knit down needle 2, and leave 2 stitches then slip them onto needle 3? Then I knit down needle 3, leave 2 stitches then slip them onto needle 1? Is that correct? Thank you!

Yes, that’ll work. Your working yarn strand will be at the end of needle 3 ready to start knitting round 35 on needle one. Check to make sure that the pattern is aligned as it should be on round 35.

Okay great! Thank you again!!

Hi I have another question regarding the same pattern. For all of the instructions in the brackets, do I do them all in the same stitch or not? For example:

53rd Round: YO, K1, (YO, K2tog) 10 times, YO, Sl1, K1, PSSO, K3

For the (YO, K2tog) do I do that all 10 times into 1 stitch or do I just repeat it 10 times as normal? How do you know when it’s all in 1 stitch or if it’s not? Sorry if I’m bothering you! Thanks!