Which cast on is best for this?

So, I want to make this dress for my 4 year old dd. The cast on edge is around the torso and the dress is knit down from there… then the straps are added on after.

Right now, I’m thinking Twisted German cast on would be best so it’s nice and stretchy to go along with the ribbing. Does that sound right, or should I consider something else?

Hiya ignora,
Have you thought about provisional cast on? That way you could just pick up the live stitches and not have that nasty ridge from any enclosed type cast on (one that only has live stitches on one side).:x:

Yeah, I did think about that. But, you only pick up a few stitches for the straps on the front and the back. What whould I do with the rest of the live stitches that I wouldn’t be using? Maybe there’s a simple answer… I haven’t made anything constructed like this before…

o ok! hmmmmm…
Dang… how do you want the final product to look like? Do you want that ridge from a long tail type cast on or a smooth like a cable style or backwards loop cast on. hmmmmmm. Dang I hate when you have to make decisions like that.
:x: :knitting:

You could do a provisional cast on and then pick up live stitches for the straps, and do a kitchener for the end of the straps, with a decorative bind off for everything else. You’ll have more ends to weave in, but you’ll have no sewing to do.

Me too! All I know is that I don’t want it to be too tight. I’d rather have the ridge and stretchy than smooth and tight… if those are my only options besides the provisional…

Well, that’s a thought. Of course, I’d have to learn a decorative bind off… sigh…

So, nobody thinks I should go with the Twisted German?

you could. It’s not a bad cast on and it’s nice n stretchy.:knitting:

Yeah, I know. I just wish there was one that was both smooth and stretchy!

well there is the tubular cast on, but I don’t know how easy it would be to pick up stitches from it.

So, that’s stretchy?

Ugh! I think I need to expand my cast on repertoire. I know long tail and german. Everything else I have to look up. So, I guess I should look that up and see.

Though, I’ve never done anything where I had to pick up stitches, so I don’t want to make things extra difficult for myself. I like the idea of the provisional if I can figure out how to bind of the other unneeded stitches…

here’s a video on youtube that you can watch.

Thanks for all your help! :slight_smile: