Which cast on for you?

So this is mostly just for grins, but I was wondering what everyone’s favorite cast on was?

Depends on project?

I love the long-tail. It’s easy, it stretches, and I think it makes a pretty edge. :cool:

It’s the only one I know! :aww:

It COMPLETLY depends on project.

I voted “Depends on the Project.” If I have to cast on a lot of stitches, then I do the cable cast on (cause I hate running out of yarn before I have all my stitches cast on!) If it’s a small amount, I go for the long tail.

I voted “Depends on the project” too. Normall I use the long tail CO but if I have LOTS of stitches I’ll switch to the knit CO. Just did the i-cord CO (for the first time) on for a pattern and didn’t really enjoy the casting on, but do like the end result.

I prefer the long-tail cast on, but I will use cable if the projects demands it.

Longtail but if I’m going top down provisional.

I like the knit for most projects, I like the way it lays.

For toe up socks I like provisional or figure 8


My new favorite is Judy’s magic cast on, which is a variation of long tail.

Either provisional or longtail.

I swear, I look for excuses to use the provisional cast on >_>

I clicked long tail because I use that for most things, but it does vary by project.

I voted long tail because it is what I use the most often. But honestly it depends on the project.

I am in this boat too. The longtail is the only one I know how to do.

I was taught the cable cast on first, so by default, it seems to be the one I go to first. - Not that I prefer it per say, just what I am accustom to!

I don’t mind the long tail, except I always seem to get the amount of tail I need wrong. I tend to use it only when it is called for.

Provisional has been creeping up a bit more since I have taken an interest in Lace…

Long-tail cast on.

Long-tail is all I know.

Most of the time I use the long tail. I will use the cable CO if I have more than 100 sts to CO.

Long tail for everything except when a pattern specifies another. The other exception is toe up socks, when I do Judy’s magic cast on.

The knit cast one is the only one I know. So far I haven’t had a problem with it but I know I’m going to need to learn other methods.