Which cast on, and bind off to use for clean crisp lines?

i have found my yarn and swatched it, and figured out how many squares i need to knit (36 18"x16" squares) for my first blanket.

i would like for these squares to have nice crisp clean edges so that when i seam them all together they stand out as actual squares and not sort of lumpy almost squares. see, my cast-on usually is kind of lumpy looking and my bind off is ok, i think (i do the basic knit bind off) but if there is a better one for this type of edging i would love to know.

also, my row edges never really look clean either. i have heard that there is something you can do to make the sides of a piece look neater than if one is just knitting. does anyone know what im talking about?

thanks in advance for your help :smiley:

Which CO are you using now? I think the long tail CO gives a nice edge. To make the ends of your rows better, just slip the first stitch of every row.

I would say long tail cast on & basic bind off with slipping the 1st stitch of each row & knit the last st of each row. It may also be beneficial to make sure that you have garter st. edging all around each square :wink:

kemp and rebecca, im going to learn the long tail cast on. i see that amy has it here, so ill be studying that video (we dont have sound, so i just watch it a million times. does she talk during the videos?).

ill try and slip the first stitch of each row

rebecca, do you mean crocheting a garter stitch around each square? if you cant garter stich with a crochet hook, ive just shown you how little i know :rofling:

thanks guys, im off to go learn long tail CO :happydance:

for the garter stitch border you just knit the first 3 and last 3 of every row on both knit and purl sides. That way, the center comes out in stockinette (the little v’s you think of when you think of knitting) and the edges look more like ridges, which curl a lot less and look straighter than stockinette edges. You could do a crochet edge though if you wanted to and accomplish the same thing.

Amy does talk on most of her videos, although there are a few she doesn’t. the long tail is easy once you get the hang of it. You won’t believe how fast you can do it once you get use to it.