Which came first?

So how do you decide what to knit?

Do you pick a project? ex: "I want to knit socks for Uncle Hal’s birthday."
A pattern? ex: "Must knit a booga bag."
A yarn? "I have to knit something with this yarn I found on sale"
or technique? “I need to felt something now”

I guess I have a little of each going right now. Just wondering how other knitters choose their next project.

my answer is an unequivical and resounding [color=orange][size=6]YES![/size][/color] [color=gray][size=2]though i don’t have an Uncle Hal.[/size][/color] :rofling:

I think this is why we all have more than one project going at a time. I should say almost all of us, anyway.

I have knitting ADD. I want to start a new project almost everyday. I have to limit myself to three projects. I can be working on a sock and then start looking at different patterns and completely stop working on the sock and start a new one. So I have to limit my projects to three. I don’t start a new one until I have finished one of the three.


Usually it just hits me. I’ll be like “Well my BF needs a blanket for the new baby, better do that” or “I really want a Booga Bag, better get some yarn”

It’s almost always about the pattern for me. I see the FO and want to make it, not necessarily for the FO itself but for the process of making it.

Although right now I’m wanting to make a large felted bag to take to the farmers’ market, which would fall into the “project” category. But I’m having trouble deciding amongst the 3-4 patterns I’ve been eyeing!

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

I usually have more then one going at one time because I will get bored with one project. Most of the time I have one downstairs that I will work on, and I have one upstairs by my bed I work on.

Right now I am only working on one though. Only because I want to get it done so I know if I keep at it it will be done sooner. :smiley:

For me it’s almost always a project that I want to make, then I get the yarn. It’s never “I have this yarn, what should I make with it” because…now don’t be too shocked…[size=2]I don’t have a stash…at all…[/size] :shock:

How can that be??? :shock: :shock:

I’ve only been knitting for a few months now, so I don’t have a huge stash, but I have a huge to-do list. I generally have two projects going at a time, but as I’m working on one project, I’m thinking about what to do next.

I know that I want to make a baby blanket for a friend, but I’m not sure if I want to choose the yarn, then the pattern or vice-versa.

My 5 year old son wants a hat. He even designed it himself and gave me a picture. I’ve already bought the yarn, but can’t find a pattern that I like in the weight I bought. This means I may have to do a guage swatch and use… MATH :shock: Didn’t want to do that, but I’m willing to make the sacrifice for the first born.

I also like the Feather and Fan scarf in knitpicks. I’m a little scared of lace, but I think I’m ready for the challenge. I’m afraid this may be a project for after the kids are in bed. It’s hard to concentrate with a two year old in the room!

I was just wondering if more experienced knitters had more rhyme and reason.

Hmmm… don’t know if you’d call me an “experienced knitter” - I learnt when I was a kid, and pick it up again maybe every five years or so :slight_smile:

Usually it’s a project - DH needs a sweater - then find a pattern that takes my fancy, then a nice yarn to make it. But I recently bought two skeins of gorgeous handpainted thick-and-thin wool off ebay (that’s my entire stash!) so I have to find something to make with it.

What? Blasphemy! Someone get her to an LYS!!!

I’ve only been knitting since the end of January, I still count in months, not years, and I have a disgustingly huge stash, thanks to freecycle and a generous budget on my honeymoon. I can’t take a picture of it, I’m too embarrassed.

OK… this is serious… go to knitpicks. go to your lys, heck even joann’s, walmart… hurry… this is serious, critical… someone… send her some stash…

:fingerwag: :shock:

For me it’s I SEE something I want to make then I check my stash and if I don’t have what I need or can use then I’m off to buy the yarn. :XX: :XX:

I usually want to make a particular type of item, and then look for a pattern that includes something new I want to learn. I almost always buy yarn for a specific purpose…how else will I know how much to buy?? I am also too rigid to have more than one project going at a time. I MUST finish one thing before moving on to the next…clearly the minority!


We might be a twosome when it comes to finishing projects, I feel as if I have to finish the project I’m working on first, then I’m ready for something else. Otherwise I’m afraid it will get left by the wayside. As to buying yarn, well, I’ve only been knitting for a couple of months, but I am developing a nice little stash of yarns. Some I’ve bought on ebay, some I saw online and just had to buy it, it was such a great buy. :wink: Then there’s the closeouts from the Walmat’s bargin bin I bought for my grands to knit with, oh my, my stash is larger than I thought it was. I’d better find some place to hide some of it before I buy anymore.

Projects just seem to choose me most of the time. But all of your choices apply at one time or another. I have done projects to try technique, like felting. I’m wondering if each of us could part with one item from our precious stashes and send it along to make a stash for the deprived one??? :lol: samm

Mostly It’s “I’ve never made ____.” but sometimes, and this is mostly in regard to EZ, “HOLY CRAP! How do you put that thing together?!” Garment construction fascinates me and I have an intense and burning desire to always try out bizarre new things with it.

I’m another sufferer of knitting ADD. I have, let me see, 5 WIP, oh dear! :oops: I see a pattern and decide, ohh, I’d like to make that for so and so and then get the yarn for it. I do have yarn that I bought on sale awhile back because it was pretty and it hasn’t told me what it wants to be yet, but that yarn will have to wait, seeing how I have 5 WIP’s :rofling: .