which cable knit is this

hi there! which cable-knit design is this? i want to remake this particular jumper i saw on pinterest for my friend. i’ve googled diamond cable knit but even then it’s slightly rounded so i don’t really know what i’m looking for/what kind of knitting stitch it is. i think it’s stockinette stitch but uhh?

i’m a pretty new knitter, haven’t really done anything extravagant and i know this is a pretty hard project for me to do but i just want to practise on it before i get down to the nitty-gritty schematics of a jumper :slight_smile: thank you so much!!


Hi and welcome!
This is the hour glass cable.


sweet, thank you!! just wondering, but how would i do it if i want the spaces in between the hourglass cable to be knit stitches rather than purl stitches uhh does that make sense??

You could work the background as knit sts if you want. Just substitute knits in place of the purls. The pattern won’t pop as much as it does with the purl background but you’ll still see it. Try it out on a swatch to see if you like it.