Which buttons should I order?

Ok, so I need to order some nice buttons for my nearing completion
Central Park Hoodie with viking cables. I asked my husbands opinion
and he said “Yeah” to all of the options I gave hehe Help me out here!

Here are some pics of the buttons I’m interested in and the back of
the sweater to show the cabling. The first button has the same
woven diamond shape as in the larger cable, the second is a dragon
and I love dragons haha, and the third just a general celtic knot.
I’d love to hear opinions :slight_smile:


I think if you really like the dragon use that one, although I think the celtic knot will show up better. The first one, I don’t think would match so well colourwise. Just my opinion

I’m with you on the dargon, but i have a thing for dragons and lizzards.

the celtic knot would look great as well, i agree that the oterone wouldnt be quite so good, but would still look good

Hi Libbie

That knitting is absolutely beautiful! and I love those cables.

I like all three buttons you’ve chosen but I wondered if you’d come across this site as well. As I like Nordic designs in general, I went on a bit of a mooch:


My vote’s for the Longboat.

Best Wishes


I like the dragon and celtic knot, but I think the celticknot would look and show up better.

No, no, no! You are not supposed to be giving me more choices!!!
Haha…that sight has some great buttons, and I agree, the longboat
is really cool and the cables did come from the Viking Patterns book…

Ok, so being a bit of an eccentric I’m thinking I’ll just order 6 different
buttons of the same size and have 6 lovely different buttons to
enjoy on my sweater! I can do that since it’s for me…:slight_smile:


Which one is the long boat? :??

Hi Libbie and Jan

I know, I know … just as you think you’ve narrowed the choice down, someone comes along with some other stuff!!! :eyes::think:

The Longboat is button PK 198 and PK 199 - there are a couple of others further down the page as well.

I’ve good reason to remember what a Longboat is - my friend’s daughter needed an art and craft project for school and was a bit stumped for ideas. She was telling me this while we were wondering around the local fruit and veg. market and then I spotted some really nice, bendy bananas … three days and a barrowload of modelling clay later we finally got the shape right.

We made a sail out a bit of white cotton and gave it some blue stripes with poster paint and then made the oars out of cocktail sticks. Wish I’d taken a picture now - put me off eating bananas for quite a while though.

Ooh I think that’s a great idea :yay:

I hate to be the odd man out but with the sweater having cables and lots of visual interest, wouldn’t it be nice with plain buttons as not to draw attention away from the cables? It’s a gorgeous pattern! JMO!

I LOVE THE 1st BUTTON! The button on the far left. I’d buy those buttons just cuz and in case of a future project! Is it really a bronzey-burnished color? Is the color of your CPH grey? If so, bronze won’t work, even if the button is way way cool!

Of the other two: the celtic knot button is more fitting…but rather same-o same-o. Everyone has seen the celtic knot button.

The dragon buttons are my choice with your CPH. And you like dragons!

I actually thought about this. The front is a bit plainer as it only
has the smaller cable on it. I’m still debating :slight_smile:

The sweater is actually a dark green but it does have a greyish
tone to it. If the woven button came in silver I’d take it in an instant
but I’m pretty sure you’re right…it’s not going to show up so well
on this dark color.

As it turns out I’m probably not going to be ordering from this website
because someone else posted they had tried to order some to the UK
and the shipping was going to be something like $21 for 4 buttons …how insane is that? Anyway, I’m going to email the site that Limey
linked and see how their international shipping rates are. I may still
try to get some of these buttons but it will have to wait until I’m
visiting the States in November.

Thanks for the opinions everybody!
Libbie :slight_smile: