Which Buttonband Method

I like to make sweaters/cardigans, but so far I have only made those that work the buttonband as you go. I want to know which way you all prefer. Which do you think gives the most professional look?

  1. Worked as you knit the garment.

  2. Stitches picked up and worked after the sweater is completed.

  3. Other method.

I actually prefer it when the button band is a completely seperate piece and uses two buttons on each side of the garment. I think it has a tendency to give it a really classy look.

I hate button holes, I prefer to do them as I go, so it isn’t the chore of a century when I am finishing up!

Do you have a picture you could post that shows this style? I think I know what you are describing.

There is a picture here on the Mod Coat. Its the fourth picture down on the far right. Click the picture for a bigger image. This Link.

I am working still on a hoody as well as other projects, lol. The button holes are worked separately because the band is worked on needles two sizes down the scale from the main part of the front. I would rather have worked with two different size needles and not have to sew the band to the front part of 1/2 of the front and then repeat the process for the other side without button holes. My first button hole is perfect but the rest aren’t as nice to me. I am a perfectionist. The ladies at LYS on Thursday tell me they are fine. This is the first time after frogging a couple of button holes that I gave up on trying to repeat what I did for the first one so the others were just as perfect.:???:

I have just finished my 1st ever sweater (yeh me!), a baby cardigan. It used a seperate band from picking up stitches , with yarn overs to create the button holes. I really liked the finished result. I cannot put up a pic yet as my camera is part of my cellphone and is being repaired, but here is a link to the pattern.