Which brands of yarns are best?

which yarns do you like the most and why?:muah:

Oh boy. I’m not sure that’s even answerable. There are so many different yarns and they all have their value for different things. :shrug:

what about your favorite ones?

What project do you have in mind? Different projects will give widely different answers.

I was just thinking like Mirl56, depends on what I am making…

As the others have said it does depend on what you are going to make. As a general rule i buy french (i live in france) acrylic yarn thats cheap and chearful.

it really does depend

I definately have fav’s!!

Schaefer Yarn-the colorways are out of this world the yarn is high quality and they make ver unique items. Sadly it is also very expensive.

Debbie Bliss- High quality, wonderfu feel, nice colors, moderately expensive.

Rowan- Lots of different “kinds” of your. Currently I am coveting the Pure LIfe Breeds of Sheep. Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to make a cabled sweater of it.

I’ve been knitting quite a bit with KnitpPicks wool and cotton blend yarns and have been quite happy with them.

I agree it’s a very wide open question so hard to answer. My stash contains everything from the cheapest acrylic to very expensive silk and cashmere – and I love all of it. Sorta like asking which is your favorite child. :teehee:

But right now I’m working with some Malabrigo (merino wool) I’ve had stashed away for awhile, and it’s wonderful; unbelievably soft, with absolutely gorgeous colors. So, I guess I’d say that today it’s my favorite yarn.

Tomorrow it will be one of the others . . .

It’s actually a great question-- because it’s unanswerable! What I mean, is that within yarn companies, things are often inconsistent. There are some Lionbrand things I think are great, and some I don’t like at all, but other people disagree. For example, I find Microspun and Homespun wonderful, and some people hate them because they find them to be too splitty. Also, even within a yarn, there can be differences. There was a yarn Lionbrand used to make-- I forget the name, but it was on the bulky side, acrylic, and the colors all had Americana-type names. Some of the shades were wonderful, and some were stiff as a board. All in the dye, I guess.

I would say this, though-- there are no companies I would stay away from, but there are yarns within those companies I do.