Which book is better for me?

Hi, all!
I need your advice.

I am interested in buying a knitting book and
I am thinking about these two.

  1. Knitter’s Bible Book by Claire Crompton
  2. Knit Fix by Lisa Kartus

I am still a beginner knitter and my skill is really basic
such as knit and purl stitches, increase, decrease.
I need a book to help me to go the next step like knitting
a gilet or even a simple cardigan. :blush:

I have 2 knitting books and one is
Beginner’s guide to knitting by Alison Dupernex.
It help me a little. :pout:

Another one is EZ’s Knitter’s Almanac.
That was a gift from my friend, but actually, my skill level
is WAY below to appreciate this book. :notworthy:

Since only way to buying English books for me is through
Amazon, I can’t take a look before purchasing.
What do you think?
Any suggestion is appreciated!!


Can’t help you with either of those titles, but the book that helped me most was (i think, this was 20 years ago) The Learn-To-Knit Afghan Book by Barbara Walker. She walks you through a bunch of different techinques and stitches, and no, you don’t have to make an afghan to get any benefit from it. I think it’s still in print, and ANYTHING from Barbara Walker is and excellent resource.

I have Knit Fix and this book is not as good as The Knitters Book of Finishing Techniques by Nancy M. Wiseman.This is a wonderful book.I would not recomend Fix it.If you go to Knit Picks store you can view all there books.I get most of my books from here.Even if you can’t buy the books from here you can still view whats inside them. :cheering:

I have the Knitters bible and I love it. Good patterns, great stitch dictionary in the back and wonderful instruction :hug:

Knit Fix is a book about helping you fix your mistakes, and does not teach you new stitches or knitting techniques and does not have any patterns in it. It is handy to have, but if you are only able to purchase one book, and you want something more comprehensive, I would wait and get Knit Fix another time, and go with the other book for now.

Thank you all!! :muah:

To dlc: Barbara Walker’s Afghan book is already in my Wish list,
to tell you the truth!! :teehee:
A bunch of different stitches…
Makes me think of Knitter’s bible book.

To momwolf : The reason I was interested in Knit Fix was
it has really good review from Amazon readers.
I’ll go and check Finishing tech by wiseman!!

To mintdee: Is it that good??
Awwwww…another reader who recommends it. :woot:

To babydill: Yes, actually I want to buy only ONE book
at this moment. I’ll follow your advice and Knit Fix
will be at the bottom of my list for now :thinking: