Which book (GAA) is more current?

I’m wanting to buy a couple of books, “The Great American Aran Afghan” and “The Great American Afghan”. I found two different covers for “The Great American Afghan” and was wondering which one was more current:



Also, has anyone bought any three of these and if so, was it worth it, do you like it?

Thanks In Advance :slight_smile:

I have the Great American Aran Afghan book and think its really great. You don’t have to make the whole afghan to make good use of the book. For those KAL’s that ask you to contribute one square these are great. If you want to see a wonderful example of the aran afghan go to Silver’s site. She did it in white. Very nice.

The revised GAA is the current one. I’ve used squares from the original GAA and Great American Aran Afghan. It is a wonderful project if you want to be challenged. I enjoyed knitting more squares from the GAAA.

I’m ordering both today. Thanks so much!

The GAAA is one of my all time favorite knitting projects. I learned a lot while knitting it. Hope you enjoy it as much!