Which bind off should I use?

I’m knitting a lovely cowl and am almost finished it, but I’m not entirely sure which bind off I should use. I cast on with the long-tail cast on as I wanted something a little stretchy and I like the look of it. My border is a seed stitch, and I’m not sure if I should bind off in pattern or if I should do EZ’s sewn bind off or something else. My concern about EZ’s is I might not get the tension right. I want something slightly stretchy, but not loose or the cowl might lose its shape after a while.

I’d love to get your thoughts on which bind off might work best and would look as close to the cast on as possible! Thanks!

I love the look of EZ’s sewn bind off and the stretch. You could use a conventional stitch over stitch bind off in pattern if you want. Maybe use a larger size needle in your right hand to add a bit more yarn into the bind off.
I haven’t found the EZ bind off to be fussy about tension. Just pull the yarn through and go on to the next step. No need to tighten up the yarn used for the bind off.

You might try a swatch with an Icelandic bind off and see if you like it. It won’t match the cast on as well as the conventional bind off but sometimes that’s quite alright.

Thank you! I may try EZ’s bind off and just keep it from being too loose, if I can. I’ll definitely check out the Icelandic cast off–I’m curious! Thanks again!