Which ball winder would you recommend?

I’ve got a 50% off coupon for Joann’s that I’m itching to use for a ball winder. I just recycled one of dh’s old sweaters and there is NO WAY I can wind all that yarn on my thumb. :lol:

Of these two which would you recommend? I’m sort of leaning toward the one on the left.

I have the one on the right…I got it for like $17 after coupons :happydance:

It is sort of…cheap…but I haven’t had any problems with it. :smiley:

i think i have the one on the left…assuming the picture is black and white anyway. it looks most similar to that one anyway. i have never had any trouble with it and they have it at the LYS too so it seems to handle “commercial” use pretty well.

I have the one on the left. When I bought it, my dh said he thought it was stupid and that it would be another “gadget” I never use. WRONG. I use it all the time, along with the wooden swift my dad made me.

I got one from ebay - not sure of the brand I think it is “angel” I’ve had it for ages - got it for about £2 when I was thinking I’d take knitting back up last year. It took a year for me to pick the needles back up though I’m glad I got thatl, it was very handy when I got my Lorna’s Laces sock yarn!

Lonnie surprised me with mine, it’s a Royal, which looks like the one on the left…I LOVE it :smiley: It’s a VERY NICE gadget!!! I don’t have a swift, though, I don’t have the need for one…ball winder, though…priceless :thumbsup:

Looks like the one on the left is winning the race. :wink: TY, ladies. :slight_smile:

I didn’t realize they have ball winders at Jo-Ann - NOW I know what to use that coupon on!!! :cheering: :cheering: (I think I do need a swift, though… one more tangled pile of yarn on the living room floor and I may tear my hair out… )

Thanks for this thread! :thumbsup:

I too have the one on the left and I love it. I used a 40% of coupon on-line for it which was great. I don’t have a swift - that is what DH hands are for!!!

don’t think the stores have them unless maybe you have one of those joann’s super stores. but they are available on their website and of course if you can’t find a coupon there is always something at www.currentcodes.com

I have the one on the left. My LYS also has the one on the left. :heart: :heart: :heart: the winder!

I’m going to go to Jo-Ann on Friday (50% off coupon for that day!) and see if they have it - if not, I’ll order it from the website - and thanks for the link to the Current Codes site! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

I have to vote with the one on the left as well. I haven’t used the other one but I’ve seen one like it and it didn’t look very sturdy!

Hmmmm. :thinking: I have the one on the left (a Royal, blue handle). It works great and with the coupon (the % is off the regular price, not the sale price) it makes a good buy.

The one on the left definitely. I have a blue Royal if that’s what it is (usually it’s more $$) and I like it. Other people have given negative opinions about the one on the right in the past.

I vote for your thumb. :smiley: (couldn’t resist)

I love doing it by hand. But my new swift is on it’s way so maybe I"ll change my mind. I even do “flat” balls with my thumb, somehow they turn out more often than a round one.