ok so im starting a new sweater and the pattern has completely lost me!!

cont in patt row as follows:
[B]patt row[/B]: (K1, k into next st in row below slipping both sts off needle tog) to end.

I’ve tried to do it numerous ways, but its obviously wrong because it looks such a mess!!

is anyone able to help with this?

Thank you

Here’s a video for k1b that may help. You can also look up k1-b in the Glossary tab at the top of this page.

thank you!

ah thats what i’ve pretty much been doing but the stitch on the first row keeps coming loose or something!

I just must not be good!! =( practice i guess!

Make sure you’re knitting into the opening below the next st on the left needle and you’ll be ok. Try it for a few rows or on a practice swatch and then tug on the work to put the sts in order. It may take a few rows.
Here’s another view.

for k1b, you can also try picking up the stitch below and placing it on the left needle and knitting it as usual.

for some reason we keep on getting a lot of loose string at the back! =(

Try tugging on the bottom of the knitting and see if the loose yarn falls into place.
What are the other rows of the pattern st?