Whgat is "m. end."?

I’m working on this pattern (Which I can’t post the link to yet)

Anyone know what row 5: “m. end.” means?

Thank you!

Making a second post so I can post a link to the pattern in question.

I think this pattern was translated, but they forgot to on that part. It could mean ‘2 sts in moss stitch’ but m. is an abbreviation for ‘maille’ in french which means sts. I’m guessing ‘end’ is the term for ‘endroit’ which means the front or RS of work. In that case ‘2 m. end.’ would literally be 2 sts on RS, or more likely ‘knit 2’. That seems to fit with the pattern as the previous RS row started with k1, and the row after is k3 and the sts between the YOs should be increasing.