Got the heel turned on my first ever sock! :woohoo:

I was really nervous about it! It was not to bad…we will see about the gusset though LOL!

Thanks for the help and the videos…they helped a lot :slight_smile:

That first pair of socks is really amazing isn’t it! You just feel so clever! :thumbsup:

Hi! :waving:

It’s just magic, isn’t it? And wait 'til you get the gussets done and are working along the foot. I kept stopping to admire the heel so it took me a lot longer to get my first pair done!

Keep up the fun work and be sure to send us a picture when you’re done! :yay:

Happy sock knitting!

Ruthie :knitting:

Magic is the perfect word! I am just amazed that I have been able to produce this sock so far! I got the gusset done with little to no trouble. About an inch to go to the toe and saw that the instructions are stuff I had already done! I am loving it :heart:

I still have the very first pair of socks I made. They are not pretty but they were the first.
I agree with everyone it is magic the first time you make the heel and the gusset. That is the part I love the best.
I have made so many now I have lost count, I mostly gift them to family and friends.
So welcome to the wonderful world of knitting socks.