Where's my order - UPDATE

It’s now been 8 days since I ordered my Options needles from Knitpicks. :verysad: Where are they? I checked the mail - it’s just junk. I really wanted to start on some stuff, and cannot do that until I get my package. :waah: I know that it says to wait, but sheesh! :pout: I’m dying over here.

On the upside, I ordered some pretty stuff from Kemp’s store, and got an email telling me that it was in the mail less than 10 hours later. (I ordered it in the middle of the night) Talk about your customer service! :yay:

So, which one will get here first? Any bets?

My money is on Kemp’s store. She’s super speedy!

I’m thinking so, too. At least I ordered enough stuff from her to make something. That should keep me busy until the other things get here. (if they ever get here)

Why, oh why, is it taking so loooooong!?!

free shipping from Knitpicks always takes forevah for me. that’s why i always pay for the three day select shipping from them if it is something i need fairly quickly. if you meet the $40 free shipping limit the 3-day is only another $8 and i figure it would cost me that for shipping anyway so it is a bargain! :wink: last package i ordered got here in 2 days… :woot: another one will hopefully be here by wednesday so i can start a throw at my convention next weekend!

I think that my biggest problem is that I’m working on being patient. It’s not working that well. :slight_smile: I’m hoping that it will be here monday. I guess we’ll see if that actually happens. I’m not in the “so late that there’s a problem” area. I need to find a LYS. At least then I could have something, ya know?

Oh Yeah, Kemp is super fast!!! Wonderful customer service, can’t be beat!
KnitPicks, on the other hand, is often slow…well, not so much KnitPicks as it is the postal service, I’m afraid.

Have you checked this out yet?
I found 3 lys through it!

I have looked there. To be honest, I’ve lived here for 1 1/2 years and can barely find anything. I hate driving here. EVERYTHING is the interstate. Ugh. I guess it might be time to venture out, though.

The Knitpicks order I placed on August 6 is still MIA. The Diva Knitting order that I placed on Friday, however, is here. WOW! I’m impressed, that’s for sure! Thanks, Kemp. At least now I have something to play with while I wait on the other.

KP uses a very slow mail service. It’s literally snail mail. I track my order every day, and it has been sitting at NJ “sortation” office for almost a week. They just don’t bother to ship it across town. I guess KP has a very good deal using this slow service.

My Options needles from KP came after 13 days on the road. They were shipped on 8/1 and I just got them today. It’s true, either they use snail mail or they are torturing the delivery guy to walk all the way from the sortation center.

Either than that, I :heart: their needles!!!

You’re welcome. :muah: Have fun with your new toys!