Where's Mason?

Am I the only one who notices Mason hasn’t posted in a while? Sure hope he’s OK.

I have also noticed the lack of Mason around. I too hope he is o.k. Maybe he is caught in some of the snowstorms across the country and cannot get internet? I hope nothing is seriously wrong.

He’s usually on the road a lot and doesn’t post unless he’s waiting somewhere. His blog hasn’t been updated this month yet, so he’s probably busy.

Nope, I noticed, too. I’m sure he’s just out driving, but I hope all is well.

We miss your witty posts, Mason! :hug:

Mason sent me a PM on the 27th, asking where the OT FORUM went to! We PM’d a bit. He seems to be fine and dandy, making a living over the road…also…collecting his pipes, using his Sony Reader, and knitting a bit!

Here is his blog, with a fairly current posts, Jan 28, 30, 31.

If I am not mistaken, I saw him through in a comment a week or so in one of the threads…

His last post on Jan 31, 2010. Here, Post#44 on the page.
No other posts that day, and none since.

Thanks for keeping us updated ArtLady!