Where's all the bulky weight superwash wool?

I would like to make a shawl with some bulky weight, superwash wool (preferably merino), but I can’t find any! :hair: I did find one that had some mohair in it, but I can’t wear mohair. I just want 100% superwash wool, preferably merino, and I’m hoping to find a hot pink color (or a dyeable bulky weight). Any suggestions? But hopefully not something that’s like $20 a skein because I need around 500 yards.


I found this on yarndex.

There are a few at WEBS:



And this one at Elann isn’t quite bulky, but knits on US9-10s, has good yardage for the price, and comes in a nice hot pink :slight_smile:

Gedifra Living

Lorna’s Laces makes Shepherd Bulky, which is superwash.