Where'd you get your sweater?

My second real knitting project was a hooded cardigan sweater for my granddaughter. I used variegated cotton yarn, the stuff on cones, from WalMart. (I can’t even remember the brand now!) Mostly I was wanting practice and thought a “Saturday at home” sweater was OK. She told me today she wore it to school. Other kids wanted to know where she got it because they wanted one! Apparently they were suitably impressed when she said, “My grandma made it.” Makes me feel good. :aww: Bet others here understand.

Way cool! You know you’re doing something right when your handcrafted items are the envy of other people–and young people at that (because they often tend to be pickier about style than older people sometimes are)!!

I’ve had people ask me where I got some of my hats. When I told them I made them, they were impressed.

But I have yet to impress with a sweater (mainly because I haven’t finished any yet), so kudos to you for your great work!! :yay:

Do you make up your own hats or use patterns? I’ve been thinking of doing some (not stocking cap) hats.

My grandkids tend to be my guinea pigs for knitting. Tonight my grandson took home slipper socks. I had cuffs for mittens going, changed my mind, and turned them into socks. He seems happy with them.

I have one sweater that I’ve knitted for myself, which gets that reaction. And my favorite hat often does, too. It makes me feel so proud of myself!

…but I can’t find that hat :frowning:

Absolutely I understand! :muah:

You have scored the mother of all home runs when you impress the young’uns. I bow to you. :notworthy:

That’s awesome! You should be proud of yourself! I’m sure that even knocked you up a notch with your granddaughter…if it’s even possible to get higher. :thumbsup:

That is impressive. You may even find yourself with a young group of would-be knitters. Way to go, GG!

I’ve been into making animal hats lately, and so far I’ve been using a basic scull cap (http://knittingonthenet.com/patterns/hatskull.htm) and then adding to it.

Of course, I did use the knitty.com pattern for the fish hat (you can see some of my completed hats here by the way: http://www.knittinghelp.com/forum/showthread.php?t=107030), and I’m working on a cat hat that also has a pattern: http://www.kittyville.com/knit/kitty_hat.html

But perhaps these are not the kinds of hats you want to make!! :stuck_out_tongue:

However, if you’re making hats for kids, animal hats are QUITE popular amongst the tween and teen crowd these days!

Good for you…keep on GG!! You can never have too much praise!!:muah:

I have had one sweater that I knitted for my Nephew. He wore it every day for a month to school and all wanted to know “where my sister bought it?” When she said, it was hand knitted and one-of a kind!..they wanted to buy it!!

Love your hats, Antares. The lion is tempting.

OGG, I’ve come to love knitting, it is nice to know it’s appreciated by the recipient and others though.